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Valuable Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets

Valuable Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets

Was self-improvement on your list of new year resolutions? Do you need inspiration on how to be better? We suggest that you take a close look at your furry companion, you could learn a thing or two...

Cultivate friendships

                                  via GIPHY We humans are very social creatures and can cultivate many valuable relationships with the people around us. Our pets also make friends for life, and often build deep bonds with their owners and the animals they share the home with.  

Don't hold grudges

                            via GIPHY Our pets love us so much that they tend to forget our mistakes quickly. They may hate getting that shower or a the trip to the vet , but half an  hour later they have usually forgiven us and are ready for games & cuddles.  

Eat all the good food


Diet? Pet's don't know such things. And while you should always try to be healthy in your eating habits, we can learn from our pets to sometimes just go for that Pizza!

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Always be curious


While the famous saying goes "curiosity killed the cat", it is actually an amazing thing that we can learn from our furry companions. They are generally interested in everything and everyone and are captivated by things like a weird insect or a puddle of mudd. Similarly if we adopt an attitude of curiosity, interest and sometime, sheer wonder we can expand our knowledge and skills and see the world in a better light!

Be silly


via GIPHY With our busy lives we sometimes forget that we also need to indulge ourselves in a little silliness once in a while. And our pets make it really easy for us: When we see them being funny, we cannot help ourselves but to play with them, laugh at them or be silly with them.  

Show your love


Dogs will never play hard to get when they want to give you affection and show you their love. We should try to do the same more often instead of engaging in stressful and silly games or unhealthy relationships.

Enjoy the  outdoors


Want to get fit? Start now by going on long walks/hikes with your dog as much as you can. A hike in the mountains or a long walk along the sea is going to make your dog happy and tired and it will do the same trick for you. Spending time outdoors is great for the mind and for the body. It enhances our fitness levels, increases our vitamin D take-in and reduces stress.

Be a good listener


Do you also talk to your pet?  Most pet owners find themselves having daily conversations with their pets even though they say nothing back. What might they be thinking? Maybe it's better we don't know. They simply look at us or sit and they listen. We can learn from this and try to become better listeners to our friends and loved ones.

Groom and pamper yourself


Our pets always make time for grooming themselves, anywhere at any time. Aside from the obvious health benefits of showering and brushing your teeth, brushing yourself regularly,  keeping yourself nice and clean can have a number of positive effects on your life like boosting your self-esteem!

Be grateful for what you have


We as humans always seem to be comparing ourselves with each other in terms of looks, status, intellect, and posessions. Even if we have everything we need.  Our pets are super content with the basics of life such as food, water, love and a warm home. Maybe some toys, and a nice open garden to play in and explore at most. We do not find our pets questioning who they are as a dog or a cat. We do not see a dog comparing itself with another and even though there are occasional fights and jealousies ,they always resolve quickly. We should learn from that!

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