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Divinus Lebanon Cat Dog Food Delivery Affordable


With decades of experience in pet food business, DIVINUS was created based on a deep knowledge of the entire chain of value, from production and commercialization, to the final costumer. The veterinarians specialized in nutrition have developed complete and balanced formulas adapted to the health needs of our pets at each stage of their lives.

The aim is to offer the best food at fair prices.

  • 954,000 LBP

    Divinus - Puppy 20kg

    Full and balanced nutrition for your puppies is full of vitamins and good seafood. Ingredients Cereal grains, Meat and animal by-products, Plant by...

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    954,000 LBP
  • Sold out
    660,000 LBP

    Divinus - Adult 20kg

    Complete food for animals. It must be served dry. Quantities of food can be different, according to activity, breed of dog, and environmental ...

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    660,000 LBP
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