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Lebanon's favorite affordable dog food. The finely tuned gluten-free recipe brings with it all the important nutrients that muzzles need every day.

The dry food for adult dogs is also equipped with the LIFE PROTECT seal * - our unique active ingredient to support your dog's fitness and well-being. Of course, we also do not add soy, sugar and dairy products and artificial colors, aromas and preservatives have no place in JosiDog Regular. There is only good in here - really tasty, healthy pet food for every day!
  • 459,000 LBP

    JosiDog - Economy 15KG

    Top choice for adult dogs! JosiDog Economy is a complete food for dogs with normal energy requirements. The kibble are crunchy bites that are reall...

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    459,000 LBP
  • 815,000 LBP

    JosiDog - Active 18kg

    Definitely not for the lazy! JosiDog Active is an energy-packed dog food for adult active dogs. This nourishing, gluten-free recipe has more vitali...

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    815,000 LBP