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5 Rainy Day Tips For Dog Parents

5 Rainy Day Tips For Dog Parents

Lebanon has a great climate, just the winter tends to be a little rainy! Not sure what to do with your dog on these stormy days you wish you could stay in bed? Don't give in to boredom when you can enjoy one of these pawesome activities that provide you and your pooch with the perfect opportunity to have some fun together:

1. Take your dog out for a coffee or a glass of wine

Our current dog friendly favorite is Cantina Sociale, a very cool and cosy wine bar in Achrafieh. For further dog friendly places have a look at this list compiled by beta last year.

2. Get crafty and make your dog a DIY rain coat 

What would make rainy walks bearable? A doggie raincoat! (Assuming you already own a raincoat :) ) If you have an old jacked lying around and some time, why don't you try to make your own? If you are feeling a little less ambitious, try this super-easy DIY version made out of a garbage bag.

3. Teach your dog a new trick and catch up on some playtime

This is the perfect time to teach your dog something new or review some old tricks. The mental stimulation is going to distract them from the rainy-day boredom and the training helps you bond with each other. Need inspiration? Have a look at our favorite youtube trainers for inspiration. Craving playtime? Why not try some new toys that can be delivered to your doorstep without you having to go out in the rain.

4.Frozen treats

Boredom what? With frozen treats your dog will forget about everything, even the rain that prevents you from taking long walks. Rubber cone-shaped toys for dog can be an effective way to make meals more stimulating and fun. You can stuff your toy with regular dog food (wet food is easier) or fill it with treats like peanut butter (sugar free!), yogurt or apple slices.. Freezing it after you’ve stuffed will keep your dog busy for quite some time!

5. Be adventurous

You won't be able to skip all walks until winter is over, so chances are that you'll have to endure some rain. Look at your dog, jumping from puddle to puddle and try to find your inner child. Make an adventure out of it, have fun! And when you return home get a towel or some dog grooming wipes. See? Just like new.

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