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Bewi Dog Cat Food Delivery Lebanon Affordable


At Bewi, all the high-end healthy meat products we use come from animals that are also approved for human food production. Like wolves, domestic dogs derive particular benefit from animal protein. Every BEWI DOG® pack clearly displays the proportion of total protein that comes from animal sources. Delivered to you by Petriotics, all over Lebanon.
  • from 164,000 LBP

    Bewi - Cat Adult poultry sterilised (1kg-20kg)

    BEWI CAT Adult Poultry is ideal for adult cats from one year of age and is also suitable for neutered cats. The dry cat food is rich in poultry. Th...

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    from 164,000 LBP
  • 189,000 LBP

    Bewi - Cat Delicaties 1kg

    The nutrient concentration in dry food is about 4 times as high as in wet food due to the dehydration. Feeding costs can be reduced significantly b...

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    189,000 LBP
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    1,333,000 LBP

    Bewi - Dog Puppy 12.5Kg

    Food Breeding for c hiots up to 4 months. Thanks to its adapted energy and nutrient content, it can also be fed to young dogs of small and medium b...

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    1,333,000 LBP
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