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Crates Pens & Carriers

  • 81,000 LBP

    Active Purse Water Resistant Dog Carrier

    Th Active-Purse Water Resistant Dog Carrier is composed of Waterproof coated Nylon and Polyester with accented trims all around. The durable tube-l...

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    81,000 LBP
  • 120,000 LBP

    Dog Trolly Bag

    Trolly bag perfect for traveling with your pup, doubles as a back pack and has pocketsSize (CM): W34xH43*D20

    120,000 LBP
  • 100,000 LBP

    Hand Bag Dog Carrier 45cm x 23cm x 30cm

    The Touchdog Modern-Glide Airline Approved Water-Resistant Dog Carrier is composed of a DuPont Teflon Durable Waterproof and Abrasive-Resistant Ny...

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    100,000 LBP
  • from 238,000 LBP

    Skudo - IATA Traveling Cage

    Skudo Travel Carriers give your dog, cat, or small animal a safe and cozy place to relax and serve as a perfect carrier for travel. Designed comple...

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    from 238,000 LBP