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Happy Cat VET Diet Intestinal wet 200g

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Veterinary special diet for digestive disorders
This dietary complete feed for young cats from 6 months and adult cats serves to alleviate acute intestinal absorptive disorders. The gluten-free recipe offers especially highly digestible ingredients and an adapted level of carbohydrate. This highly digestible feed with increased sodium and potassium contains highly digestible ingredient sources such as chicken, pork and rice. This effectively reduces stress on the digestive system, and compensates for excessive sodium and potassium losses in the stools. Valuable dietary fibre promotes regeneration of an optimum gut flora in your cat and stabilises the stool consistency by absorbing water.
  • The highly digestible ingredients are particularly stomach and gut-friendly
  • Valuable dietary fibre helps to stabilise the stool consistency
  • Inulin and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) from yeast support regeneration of the intestinal flora
Dietary complete feed for young cats from 6 months and adult cats for reduction of intestinal absorptive disorders. This food is only available on the recommendation of your vet.

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Meat and offal containing chicken (46 %) and pork (6 %), rice (4 %), carrots, minerals, cellulose, salmon oil, chicory root (source of FOS), psyllium husks, yeasts extract (source of MOS), products from the processing of herbs
Crude protein 9.0 %, crude fat 3.8 %, crude fibre 0.6 %, crude ash 1.7 %, moisture 80 %, calcium 0.24 %, phosphorus 0.21 %, sodium 0.12 %, potassium 0.22 %, magnesium 0.02 %, omega 6 fatty acids 0.5 %, omega 3 fatty acids 0.15 %, carbohydrates 4.9 %

Recommended daily amount if given exclusively

Cat’s ideal weight Normal requirement of adult cat Normal requirement of young cat
from 6-12 months
in kg Food in g/24 h Food in g/24 h
3 190 275
4 230 350
5 275 400
6 300 450
7 325 500
8 365 550


Please note:
• It is recommended that advice from a veterinarian be sought before use.
• For best effect, feed the dietary food exclusively. Discuss any supplementary nutrition needs with your vet.
• Offer several small meals per day unless otherwise recommended by your vet.
• The amount of food should be adapted to suit the individual pet’s metabolism, so it may be necessary to reduce or increase the quantity to a certain extent.
• Water should be available at all times.
• Recommended period of use: initially up to 12 weeks.
• If mixing with Happy Cat VET Diet Intestinal dry food, please note that 100 g wet food is equivalent to 23 g dry food
• Give the food at room temperature.

* From 10 months onwards, the amount of food should be slowly reduced to suit falling energy requirements to the daily ration recommended as the “normal requirement for adult cats”.

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