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Cat Supplies

  • 44,000 LBP

    Bubbles - Secret Splash 250ml

    Bubbles perfume is specially designed for our pet. Its elegant aroma initially suggests notes of mandarin leaf and silk tree with ample display of ...

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    44,000 LBP
  • 120,000 LBP

    Dog Trolly Bag

    Trolly bag perfect for traveling with your pup, doubles as a back pack and has pocketsSize (CM): W34xH43*D20

    120,000 LBP
  • from 215,000 LBP

    Skudo - IATA Traveling Cage

    Skudo Travel Carriers give your dog, cat, or small animal a safe and cozy place to relax and serve as a perfect carrier for travel. Designed comple...

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    from 215,000 LBP
  • 64,000 LBP

    Gimdog - Scissors

    Scissors cut out the hair. Before cutting the hair, it is recommended to brush or comb your pet. Can be used for dogs & cats.

    64,000 LBP
  • 52,000 LBP

    Gimdog - Chenille Microfiber Dog Towel 76x 40

    Mess no more, with this Super Absorbent chenille microfiber versatile dog towel. Dirt and mud from your pet's paws get trapped in the towels micro...

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    52,000 LBP
  • 65,000 LBP

    Bubbles - Blue Splash Perfume 250ml

    Bubbles perfume is specially designed for our pet. Its elegant aroma initially suggests citrus notes of refreshing lemon and orange. The Lily of th...

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    65,000 LBP
  • 34,000 LBP

    Bubbles - Lemon Grass Extract Shampoo 250ml

    Lemongrass extract is used as an important component of numerous perfume and cosmetic products, has a wonderful citrus-fresh fragrance that is plea...

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    34,000 LBP
  • 48,000 LBP

    Oster - Premium Bathing Brush

    The Oster Professional Premium Bathing Brush provides a calming massage while you bathe your pet. The nubs on the brush stimulate the hair f...

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    48,000 LBP
  • from 20,000 LBP

    Duvo - Twin feeder

    The Duvo+ twin feeder with 2 bowls, food or drink bowl, is the ideal feeding bowl for every dog owner The base of the feeder is provided with an an...

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    from 20,000 LBP
  • 22,000 LBP

    Duvo - Nail Scissor Large

    With this compact Duvo+ Nail Scissors, you can easily clip your dog's, cat's or other little animals' nails. Useful and suitable for soft and mediu...

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    22,000 LBP
  • 90,000 LBP

    IATA - Blots

    If you need to use your Skudo IATA Approved for travel, then IATA Bolts are mandatory for all airlines. However, if you need to use it as a home cr...

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    90,000 LBP
  • 50,000 LBP

    Dr. Clauders - Intestinal Antihairball & Taurine Paste 100g

    Dr. Clauder's Anti Hairball | Malt Paste is indicated for the elimination of hairballs.During his own hygiene, the hair passes the cat's t...

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    50,000 LBP
  • 50,000 LBP

    Oster - Comb Set

    This dog and cat comb set comes with two combs for two different uses. The first is the grooming comb which helps remove tangles, loose fur & p...

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    50,000 LBP
  • 35,000 LBP

    Bubbles - Pink Splash Colonia 125ml

    The Bubbles cologne is the ideal complement for your pet. The originality of its freshness lies in the combination of a note of tea with bergamot, ...

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    35,000 LBP
  • 59,000 LBP

    Hagen - Catit Senses 2.0 Multi Feeder

    The Multi Feeder combines storage space with a bowl for wet food and a paw pit for dry food. Its simple, compact design takes up little floor space...

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    59,000 LBP
  • 34,000 LBP

    VetsBest - Flea and Thick Wipes x50

    Flea and tick wipes are perfect for dogs and cats 12 weeks or older Non-staining formula that is great for home surfaces like countertops and floo...

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    34,000 LBP
  • 63,000 LBP

    Croci - Double Steel Bowl Cat Red

    Dinner set for cats made of plastic and with steel bowls dishwasher safe. Bowl with 180ml capacity. Red color

    63,000 LBP
  • 47,000 LBP

    Hagen - Ls Essentials Combo Brush small

    Le Salon Essentials Combo Brush has white massage bristles with a gray pad and charcoal handle. The massage bristles collect shedding hair and debr...

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    47,000 LBP
  • 36,000 LBP

    Hagen - Ls Essentials Massage Brush Small

    Le Salon Essentials Cat Massage Brush has gray nylon bristles with a gray pad and charcoal handle. The massage bristles remove dead hair and debris...

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    36,000 LBP
  • 37,000 LBP

    Hagen - CA Senses 2.0 Catnip Roll-on 50 ml

    Catit Senses Catnip 2.0 Roll-On is indicated for attracting and stimulating cats. Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a natural herb that attracts and stimu...

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    37,000 LBP
  • 124,000 LBP

    GiGwi - Feather Hider 'Pet Droid' with sound

    This innovative cat toy has a responsive motion sensor, allowing it to react to your cats movements to move and hide the feathers as well as playin...

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    124,000 LBP
  • 48,000 LBP

    GiGwi - Wobble Feather Pet Droid natural feather caps

    Makes a bird like sound that will intrigue your Cat Brings out the natural hunting instinct of Cats Made with natural feather caps Great for enhan...

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    48,000 LBP
  • 23,000 LBP

    GiGwi - Mouse 'Refillable Catnip' 3xCatnip teabgs

    We use only utilized natural North American catnip for GiGwi refillable catnip toys. This toy has a special fastener, so that fresh catnip teabags ...

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    23,000 LBP
  • 31,000 LBP

    Croci - Gill's Ear-Clean 50ml

    frequently used cleaning spray solution for the daily hygiene of the dog and cat ears. This spray cleaner helps maintain the hygiene of the ear can...

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    31,000 LBP