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7 Things Lebanese People Do When You Walk Your Dog

7 Things Lebanese People Do When You Walk Your Dog

As much as most dog owners love to walk their pup, there are always some weird encounters with strangers. While some�of them make you laugh, others are quite annoying...   1.Catcalling your dog tumblr_nn0u5jmLJV1r83d7lo1_500 Girls are silently hoping he really means the dog.   2.�What breed is it? Easy one. Just make up a breed. "It�s obviously a Dungadoodle."   3.�Bi3ad?� bitegif Depends if I like you.   4.Blank Terror giphy Usually followed by anger or disgust and crossing to the other side of the road.   5.Overexcited people Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 18.10.04 You can let go of my dog now. You make us feel a little awkward..   6.Barking at your dog giphy (3) Whyyyyyy?   7.�My wife�s sisters husbands uncle had a dog once!� giphy No way! Can this be a coincidence�?!  
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