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Everything You Need To Know About Peanut Butter For Dogs

Everything You Need To Know About Peanut Butter For Dogs

Almost all pet parents know how much their dogs love peanut butter.  It’s a favorite treat for most dogs - and many humans as well. But is it healthy? We looked into the advantages of peanut butter and what you should look for to find "the right one" for your pup.

What are the advantages of peanut butter ?

Peanut butter is very healthy as long as it is given moderately. A teaspoon for small breed dogs (make sure with no chunks to avoid possible suffocation) and a table spoon for large breeds should be enough. It is a great source of protein, healthy fats and contains Vitamin B6, niacin (good for the nervous system and skin),Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium. It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for reducing cholesterol levels.

How to feed peanut butter?

You can simply feed peanut butter from a spoon, add a little to spice up your dogs kibble or -smartest of all- fill a toy with it and put it in the freezer for a few hours. This way your dog will enjoy his doggy ice cream treat for a long time. Here are some toys that are ideal to be filled: The Trixie Jumper Natural Rubber , the Duvo Treatball Dispensers and the Pawise Treatbone Dispenser

When does it become unsafe?

There are some types of peanut butter in the market today that are unsafe for your dogs. Some peanut butter brands are including Xylitol as an ingredient. It is an artificial sweetener which is used to substitute sugar and is being produced for people who have diabetes and cannot consume sugar. Although Xylitol is safe for people but could be deadly for dogs. If consumed in low quantities your dogs may show signs of confusion and weakness. If consumed in larger quantities, it might destroy your dog’s liver cells and lead to death. Most peanut butter that does not contain Xylitol contains sugar. As you may or may not know, too much sugar can hurt your dog. It could get them into a sugar high where they become extremely hyper and lack concentration and could lead to diabetes so we don't recommend it. You also should choose a raw, salt-free peanut butter.

What kind of Peanut Butter is the best?

You should definitely consider making your own peanut butter (click here for a good recipe). It is super easy and wont take much of your time. If you don't feel like putting in the effort, we highly recommend the Lebanese brand "Jim's Dogbutter". Their butter is made from organic, healthy, rinsed & roasted peanuts and contain no preservatives, no added salt or sugar, no added oils, corn wheat or soy, no xylitol.
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