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It's Getting Hot: How To Prevent Overheating In Dogs

It's Getting Hot: How To Prevent Overheating In Dogs

Summer is coming and we're not the only ones suffering from the temperature change.�As the weather heats up, it's important to remain aware of how the heat affects your furry companion. Heat exhaustion in dogs can lead to serious and potentially fatal conditions such as heat stroke and cardiac arrest. To help keep your dog safe and cool from now until the end of summer, look out for signs of overheating and follow our tips:

1. NEVER leave your dog in the car (without A/C on)

Everyone knows this situation: You have your dog in the back seat, maybe you come from the beach or from visiting your friends and then you remember this one little tiny errand that is just on the way home. The place doesn�t allow dogs and you don�t want to ever tie him/her outside a shop (imagine the horror of someone stealing/hurting your furry companion) and it is quite hot outside. Maybe you can just leave your dog in the car for 5 minutes? Please don�t. Ever. Cars heat up in light speed, even if the windows are open and let�s be honest, these quick little errands often turn out to take forever. Don�t take the risk.

2. Adjust your walking times & bring water

  If you are not sure if its too hot to walk your dog, put your fingers on the asphalt: if you can�t keep them there for 5 seconds it is too hot and your furry companions paws will get burned. To avoid getting all sweaty and exhausted, just take your dog out for a quick pee in the noon time and go for real walks only the morning and after sunset, so you both can enjoy a nice and long walk. Also make sure to bring water: There are amazing and cheap portable water bowls and handy dispensers.

3. Make sure your house is not a sauna

When you�re not home, make sure your pup has enough water and won�t overheat in your apartment/house. Close the blinds and leave some windows or the balcony door open for fresh air to come in. Be careful, when closing everything while turning on the AC. If your electricity is as reliable as mine, a small studio can quickly turn into a boiling greenhouse.

4. Make frozen treats

Besides always providing enough water, you can spoil your loved one(s) by making delicious doggy ice cream. For example: Mix half cup of peanut butter (sugar and xylitol free) with a ripe banana, some water and scoop it like cookie dough into little portions before putting it into the freezer (for example in ice cube trays). For more recipes check here.

5. Check for symptoms of overheating

They include:
  • panting
  • excessive thirst
  • bright or dark red tongue and gums
  • elevated body temperature
  • staggering
  • collapse
Some dogs are at greater risk of heatstroke than others, including brachycephalic breeds, seniors, puppies, and dogs with chronic health conditions. If you think your dog is suffering from a heat stroke, contact a vet immediately. Do you have any other tips? We would love to hear from you!
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