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Summer Grooming Tips from an Expert: Joanna from A La Queue

Summer Grooming Tips from an Expert: Joanna from A La Queue

When summer arrives and dogs struggle with the heat, many dog parents ask themselves: Is it bad to give dogs a haircut in the summer? Also, how can we make the excessive shedding stop?  We spoke to expert Joanna Turk from A La Queue to find out what dog guardians should and should NOT do in summer when it comes to their dogs grooming routine.

1. What changes in the grooming routine should dog owners make in summer? 

Summertime is a very busy time for both guardians and dogs because they have the chance to spend more time outside doing activities than in winter. That however means they get messier and dirtier, so we encourage dog owners to give their dogs showers more often, but not more than once every two weeks. It is important in summer that brushing is done regularly every day. Make sure to use the right grooming tools. What they are depends on the dogs and breed and coat nature.

Camon Slicker Brush, Ferbiella Magic Brush, Duvo Soft Brush, Nobby Double Brush

2.What about flees and ticks?

Summer is the high season for flees to multiply. To protect our pets, flee medicine has to be applied once a month.  Usually the ones in the market (products you put on your dogs neck, like Effitix) are really good but we don’t encourage people to use the flee collars.  They contain chemicals that can affect the skin and lead to irritation and hair loss in that area. To make sure the flee medicine works and lasts one full month, it has to either be applied 3 days before or 3 days after your pets shower. Showering the pet after that will not lessen the effect.

2. Is it ever a good idea for dog owners to shave their dogs to cool them down?

Hair and coat is very important for the dog. It protects the dog from the cold AND the sun. To ease the heat and summertime on our pets we have to make sure we do it properly. Shaving is never a good solution. Brushing has to happen daily so the excess dead hair gets remove and the skin can breathe. If we decide to go for a shorter trim we have to make sure we don’t risk the dog to get burned from the sun or overheated.

3. What can guardians do to make their dog feel cooler? 

To help your pet to feel cooler in summer its always recommended to provide sufficient fresh water for them. Try to avoid walking during the hottest time of the day and if you do, try to walk them in the shade. Regarding grooming in summer, time we can always do the de-shedding treatment to help the skin and coat to breathe properly while eliminating the problem of shedding inside the house. The dog will always feel cooler when his skin can breathe. We can go for a summer trim as well, which has to be done by a professional groomer. The access fur gets removed while making sure the dog is still sufficiently protected from the sun. The exact procedure depends on the breed and the age of the dog.

Thank you very much for your time, Joanna!

If you'd like your pet to visit a professional groomer, pay A La Queue a visit. We guarantee you and your (too?) furry ones will be in very good hands! To schedule an appointment call  70 949 543  
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