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Do You Already Know These 8 Fantastic Famous Pets ?

Do You Already Know These 8 Fantastic Famous Pets ?

Almost every pet parent enjoys taking pictures of their pets and posting them on social media. They're just so cute,right?  Some pet's humans created a business around their furry ones—the business of making you smile. With hard work and often also some luck they turned their furry ones into internet stars . The famous pets of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, may be the most humble and down-to-earth celebrities on social media while turning their owners into millionaires. If you didn't know  them before, be sure to check out and follow just a few of the famous dogs and cats we’ve rounded up:

1. Grumpy Cat

The most well-known one (and possibly the most relatable) cat on the internet got famous over night. Tard”, short for Tardar (Tartar) Sauce, belongs to proud Arizona resident Tabatha Bundesen. She is a five year old mix-breed cat who has an under bite and a form of feline dwarfism, which gives her that famous, grumpy look. She became an online legend in 2012 after her owner’s brother uploaded a picture on user-generated news site Reddit, where the image was incredibly upvoted more than 25,300 times within 48 hours

Today Grumpy Cat has a net worth of over $125 million.

Instagram: @realgrumpycat


2. Boo the Pomeranian

Most people online agree that this must be the cutest dog in the world. Boo is almost too adorable to be real and looks more like a plush toy or a Pokemon than a dog. One of the first dogs on the social media scene, Boo has had a Facebook account since 2009.He lives with is owner in San Francisco and became popular in October 2010 after singer Kesha sent a tweet that she had a new boyfriend, linking to the page. The Pomeranian has had more than 16 million likes on the social media platform, and now has books and merchandise in his likeness. He earns his owner  around $1 Million yearly. Instagram: @buddyboowaggytails Facebook: tumblr:

3.Harlow and Sage

What started as an account to document the relationship between a Miniature Dachshund (Sage) and a Weimaraner (Harlow). It went viral in September for a very sad reason:  Sage died and Harlow was miserable. They "interviewed" new potential friends and found a match: Indiana (Dachshund puppy) came along to help Harlow through the grieving process and the rest is history. Now they are also joined by Reese, and most recently, Ezra making them an adorable, fun bunch to watch daily on social media. Harlow's owners use her platform to highlight the work of animal shelters and homeless pets. Instagram:@harlowandsage Facebook:

4. Menswear Dog

Bodhi, the Shiba Inu behind the beloved blog Menswear Dog, is here to show you how to dress like a man. Billed as “The Most Stylish Dog in the World,” he is a canine fashion icon. From bowties to bathrobes, this Shiba Inu shows his more than 350,000 followers how to pull off every style. It all started back in 2013 when Ralph Lauren designer Yena Kim and her graphic designer partner dressed up their dog on a rainy Friday out of boredom, and because it was really friggin’ cute. Today, 5 years later Bodhi has more than 354,000 Instagram followers and his owners make $15-20k a month. Instagram@mensweardog Facebook:

5. Lil Bub The Rescue Cat

Lil Bub is a female "perma-kitten" house cat born with several genetic mutations causing dwarfism, polydactylism and disformed lower jaw. Bub rose to fame online after her owner Mike Bridavsky began uploading videos of her to YouTube in November 2011. She has gone from a rescue cat with multiple birth defects to an online phenomenon: 200,000-plus Instagram followers, millions of YouTube views, her own documentary, a book deal, a web TV show, and (if all goes well) an animatronic version of herself. She also raised over US$100,000 for animal charities. Instagram: @iamlilbub

6.Tuna The Chiweenie

Tuna is a three-year-old Chiweenie with a large overbite. He was found abandoned by the side of the road in San Diego by a rescuer. The rescuer  took him to a farmer’s market as an adoptable dog and thats where he met Courtney Dasher. She’d originally intended to only foster the little Chiweenie, but she instantly fell in love with him and decided she wanted to be his forever home. She set up an Instagram account to share his pictures with family and friends, only for him to become an web sensation. Today  Tuna has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, all fans eager to see what the little dog will do next. Instagram: @tunameltsmyheart Facebook:

7. Princess Monster Truck

Monster was found in tumbling out of a  bush in Brooklyn by artists Tracy Timmons and Joseph Bryce. She was in a very bad shape and they decided to take her home and gave her this special name. A birth defect likely caused the two bright fangs protruding from her jaw but they only make her more adorable. Though she looks scary, Princess Monster Truck’s owners claim that she never bites. She now uses her Internet fame, underdog status and unique appearance to help other shelter and rescue animals get adopted as well. The rescue cat from New York has become so famous, she even has her own merchandise. Instagram: @princessmonstertruck Facebook:

8. Maddie on Things

Maddie the Coonhound loves to stand on things - from a rock in a stream to the hood of a car - she has outstanding balance. She first starting standing on things when she went with her owner, photographer Theron Humphrey, on a trip across the United States for which he crowdfunded $15k on kickstarter. It's precisely her calm composure that makes 2.5-year-old Maddie so famous. Well, that and some crazy acrobatic skills and the incredible photography talent of her owner. Maddie had helped Humphrey earn tens of thousands of followers and ultimately publicize the project of his dreams called "This Wild Idea". Instagram: @thiswildidea Facebook: Web:     We are sorry if we forgot your favorite pet celebrity! Please let us know who you'd love us to feature in our next pet celebrity blog post.  
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