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7 Tips For A Great Camping Adventure With Your Dog

7 Tips For A Great Camping Adventure With Your Dog

Camping season has started and what could possibly be more fun to enjoy together with your pup than a beautiful weekend in nature. But are you ready to go camping with your dog? Here are some tips to make sure everyone is comfy on your outdoor adventure:

1. Prepare your pet

Before heading to the campground for the first time, let your furry friend check out your camping gear. Setting up the tent in the backyard or using a flashlight during a night time walk, a little at-home exposure can calm your dog’s nerves. If you plan to bring your dog on a camping festival with music please only do so if you’re really sure your dog can handle being exposed to many people and loud music. Also always make sure you pets vaccines are up to date.

2. Keep tags current

Ensure your dog has a name tag with your current contact information. Since you’ll be introducing your pet to a new environment – which can be scary and confusing if he or she accidentally gets loose – this is essential.

3. Bring important extras

Don’t forget to add dog supplies to your camp packing list: • Dedicated doggy water bottle and/or collapsible/lightweight food and water bowls • Food / TreatsDog backpack for day hikes • Sleeping pad/ tent and blanket to keep your pooch cozy at night • Reflective leash/collar and clip-on flashing light • First aid kit

4. Beware of fleas, ticks and other bugs

Invest in a dog-friendly bug spray to ward off pests. Not only can insects make pets uncomfortable, they can also carry diseases that can be life-threatening. Don’t forget to check for ticks at the end of the day even when taking precautions. Defense and offense makes for a happy, healthy and bug free dog.

5.Have your dog wear a reflecting vest or a colorful harness

With many stories of blind hunters or angry farmers “accidentally”shooting pet dogs, it is advisable to not only keep an eye on your pup at all times but also to make it very clear that this is not a wild animal that could pose a threat. This works best with a reflecting vest.

6. Refresh your dogs commands

Whether you’re headed for a back-country trek or a campground off the highway, your dog will need a reliable recall command to keep her out of danger (and away from other campers who might not be so into dogs). You should also brush up on the “leave it” command in case you encounter snakes, hyenas, or other wildlife on the trail.

7. Do your hike and weather research

Make sure you are allowed to bring your dog in case you are planning on staying on a commercial camp ground. Also check the weather the day before and don’t hike in the heat of the day.
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