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Where Can You Leave Your Pet When You Travel? A "Best Of" List

Where Can You Leave Your Pet When You Travel? A "Best Of" List

The holidays are coming up and many traveling (or just very busy) pet owners are wondering: Who will take care of my pet ? If you aren’t blessed with family members or friends who have time and are willing to take care of your furry ones it can be quite challenging to find a boarding place that you trust. After all you don’t want to spend your vacation worrying about your fur child, right? For this reason we compiled a list with a number of trustworthy and highly rated boarding places in Lebanon. Some of them are so luxurious, it's like sending your furry one on a mini vacation...

Bright Animals

  Located in the mountains above Nahr Ibrahim, the Bright Animals dog hotel consists of a big, picturesque villa with a spacious garden.  Both are always open for the dogs to roam around freely and play. After a long, active day they can relax and nap in front of the fireplace. Accepting only a small number of well socialized dogs, your pup likely returns balanced and happy from his stay. There is 24/7 supervision and the dogs are sleeping in the same bedroom as their loving caretakers. Pickup and return services are available for additional charge. Price: upon request Contact: 03427487


Located in Jdeideh, G’s Pet is a small but cosy and very clean daycare & boarding place. If your dog is well socialized and enjoys playtime, this place is great as it is budget friendly but still has a family vibe. As there is someone 24/7, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety. With plenty of walks (4x daily 20-30 minutes) and playtime your dog surely won’t get bored. Price: 12$/day  for small sized dogs and 14$ for big sized. 10$ for a rescued dog Contact: 71138525  

The Happy Dog

  In this boarding place, located in Baabdat, your dog has ample space to play and run in a villa with garden. As the owners Amer and Sally live there, your dog enjoys a 24/7 supervision in a family like environment (including movie nights). There are 4 different rooms to board to accommodate a maximum of 10-12 dogs with different needs and requirements (special needs dogs, non spayed or neutered dogs, blind dogs etc..).The dogs get walked three times a day for at least 20 minutes. For additional charge, your dog can even receive home cooked holistic meals (prepared by a certified pet-nutrition specialist) Price: $25- $30/day excluding food. From December 10 to January 10: $30- $35/ day excluding food. Long term stays get discounts depending on the duration of the stay.                                                Contact: 70301216

K9 Club Lebanon

  Located in Ankoun, Saida this giant boarding facility has different sized rooms from 2 to 10 m2 that all have a nice veranda area attached to them, catering to dogs of all sizes and needs. If you have two dogs, you can even board them together and if you miss your dog too much, you can request one of their special camera rooms and you’ll be able to watch your dog all day from afar. The dogs get walked twice a day and also get to run and play outside in one of the giant facilities' many green spaces for at least 2 hours a day. Price: $5-$20/day depending on dog & room size, prices include food.                                             Contact: 03027770

Furry Tails

  Conveniently located in Jal el Dib, this small but super friendly and affordable cage-free boarding place hosts not only dogs but also cats. While the dogs are free to play and roam in the downstairs room, upstairs the cats have their own special secured area with numerous cat trees and houses to hang out, play and sleep. The place is very clean and well organized and the dogs get to walk twice a day for around 30 minutes. This furry guesthouse is mostly recommended for well socialized pets! Prices: Small dogs: $10/day ; big dogs $15/day; cats $10/day                                          Contact: 04718408


  DoGroom, located in Mansourieh, is not only known for it's excellent grooming services but also for it's spacious,cage-free boarding facility. The dogs can spend all day outside (covered outside area in case of rain) under supervision until, at night, they go into individual rooms to rest after a long playing day. Price: 20$/ day                                                                                                                                    Contact: 76133221      

If you have any other suggestions or private pet sitters you’d like to recommend to the community (or if you offer this service), please let us know in the comment section.

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Layla Chamseddine - October 17, 2023

Hello. I have 3 cats, a turkish Van, a persian, and a “Lebanese” I guess. All have been abandoned previously by their owners. I have to travel soon for around a month and a half, and need a place where they’d be taken care of. Two of the cats are very friendly, but are extremely scared when out of their surrounding. One of them unfortunately isn’t friendly. I would like to ask about the possibility to board them, and the conditions and rate for this period in case it is possible.Thank you.

Iulia Keyrouz Dumitrescu - July 13, 2023

I am pet sitter care service to anyone who may be interested.My big house located in wooden bakery Jbeil Lebanon is very well kep where the pets are free to play.I have experience in Pet Care is from having my own pets and caring for family. I will treats your pets as if they were my own. I am reliable and trustworthy. Your pet is in good hands and will receive the love and attention it deserves and I will update you as often as you’d like regarding your pets and their behavior.Your pets enjoys a 24/7 supervision . price for small pets 8$/24 h and for big is 10$/24 h
Please contact 81514798

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