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7 Types Of Dog Owners You Meet In Beirut

7 Types Of Dog Owners You Meet In Beirut

Even though I always get excited when seeing other people with dogs during my walks, some encounters have been quite strange. After walking my dog for two years in Beirut, I noticed that there are 7 types of dog owners, that I keep on running into:

1. The Tough Guy With The German Shepherd

Even though you can see from a distance that his German Shepherd can't wait to tear your dog into pieces, this doesn't stop him from encouraging you to come closer ("he's so friendly, don't worry!") to engage you in a conversation about his Range Rover, his last hunting trip or how his strong, pure breed dog once killed 10 dogs at once. RUN.

2. The Terrified Lady With The Tiny, Fashionable Dog

This owner likes to carry her dog more than to actually walk it. Every dog bigger than a Chihuahua terrifies her to death, therefore whenever she sees you, she runs away theatrically while yelling at you in French.  You find this a bit sad, because you would love to introduce your dog to her little canine fashion icon.

3. The Phenomenon

You saw this lady and her dog a thousand times, but you can't tell how either of them look because the dog is pulling so much, that they pass by in light speed.

4. The Potential Dognapper

This person instantly fell in love with your dog and asks you all kinds of questions while hugging and kissing them. What is their age, gender, breed, food, favorite toys, address and marital status? You're not sure if you should be charmed or worried about them kidnapping your dog.

5. The Breed Expert

"It's a Golden Retriever!", he confidently declares, pointing at your french bulldog, and you wonder what idea he has about his own dog...

6. The Wingman

This guy creepily tries to find a female for his dog to mate and inquires if you know any suitable matches. While he points out his dogs superior qualities and pulls out his phone to show you photos of his dogs parents, you wonder if someone already invented tinder for dogs. This guy would be so happy.

7. The Frustrated One

This one is the saddest one on my list. This owner takes out all their life anger on their dog. You find them walking seemingly peaceful until their pup makes a small mistake and they completely overreact, harshly jerking the leash while screaming uncontrollably, occasionally hitting their dog. You angrily walk away, thinking how to rescue the poor thing from this monster.  
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