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The 7 Worst Habits Of Pet Owners In Lebanon

The 7 Worst Habits Of Pet Owners In Lebanon

We know that having a dog in Lebanon isn't always easy. However there are some habits we wish people would stop immediately.

1.Not walking their dog (themselves)

Taking walks is a good exercise for both owner and dog. It strengthens their bond and it seems quite mysterious why people would get a dog with no intention of ever walking it themselves.

2.Not picking up the poop

Often closely related to 1) picking up poo seems generally uncommon and frowned upon. This is a pity because a number of enraged people, disgusted by this behavior, will start blaming all dog owners collectively, sometimes yell for no reason or even worse: put poison.

3.Declawing their cats

Cats scratch. Pretty much common sense. Why one would choose to get a cat and then amputate the first part of their paw so that they no longer can do what lies in their very nature is truly psychopathic. Even worse: Dumping the cat after, leaving her defenseless to die on the street.

4.Dumping their pets after 8-10 months

After getting that cute puppy and being entertained by it for some months, slowly it loses it's charm. Even though no one cared about training the dog for this entire time, suddenly all this misbehavior becomes unbearable. Who could have known...?

5.Sending the dog to some "school"

"Oh your dog is so well behaved, how did you train him?" "I sent him to a school for 3 months where they choked and electrocuted him so now he is so scared of pain, he behaves perfectly." "Oh." 6.Looking for a wife/ a husband for their pets Dogs and cats do have an instinctive urge to reproduce but they don't get "sad" or "lonely" if you prevent them from it. What does make them sad and lonely is being homeless so please stop contributing to the high number of dumped pets by breeding! 

7.Making their dogs aggressive

If you are a young, strong man why exactly do you believe that you need a dog to defend you? Your wife and children would probably be safer if you didn't train your inherently amicable pet to be aggressive (supposedly only on your command).
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