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Ohmycat - Meet the Lebanese Company That Makes Cat Furniture!

Ohmycat - Meet the Lebanese Company That Makes Cat Furniture!

Cat lovers, listen up! We are very excited to introduce yet another amazing brand to the Petriotics shop: OhmyCat ! We spoke to Razan, the Founder and Chief Designer of OhmyCat to find out more: Hello Razan, can you tell us a bit about OhmyCat? OhmyCat is a cat furniture design studio, where we design, manufacture, and deliver premium high end quality cat furniture that is customizable to fit and enhance the design of your homes, and provides comfort to both the felines and their humans. Models: Innana and Aphrodite What is the best thing about being a cat parent? I've always loved all sorts of animals and insects, and have sheltered quite a few throughout my short period of time here on this planet. I think the most I've enjoyed living with are cats. Each has a very distinctive personality, and are probably the most positively weird creatures. They're independent, don't require a lot of attention if we want to compare them with dogs. When did you start OhmyCat and why? We started OhmyCat after adopting 2 wonderful cats at home, Sultan & Ott- who soon became our Senior and Kitten testing officers, and noticing that they too should have a dedicated space as well in their home. I also could not handle them ruining my furniture, so I figured I needed a fast and drastic solution, which was OhmyCat. Being an Architect and designer myself, and seeing what's available in the market, I could not help but seeing that all the products available are too expensive, poorly designed, and of low quality. After extensive research on cat behavior, psychology, and well-being, I started making Sultan and Ott their own cat scratching posts, cat play grounds, feeders, etc.. and have detected noticeable change in their behavior; they became less anxious, they stopped scratching my furniture, they each claimed spots and territories around the house, and have become definitely more relaxed. What is Sultans and Otts favorite product so far? I would say Sultan's favorite product from the line being launched at the moment is the Ishtar, since he's a senior cat and he mainly likes to chill in his bed, or on the top shelf. Ott, being a curious young cat, his favorite would definitely be the Pashtet since he has the option to exercise by jumping on a multi-level cat scratching post to reach the top level where he overlooks the entire space both indoor and outdoor. Models: Bastet, Sekhmet, Nefertum What products will be available on Petriotics? The entire line will be available on Petriotics, except for the custom made furniture. You also do custom designs, right?  Apart from having our ready made customizable lines, customizable in the sense that one can choose the colors of the fabrics to better suit their environment, and choose the accessories being installed on them. We have a service where you can contact our catsperts and meowchitects, to come for a home/space visit, take some measurements and suggest some custom-made products that are unique, ranging from fitted cat scratching posts, to a full blown cat playground jungle. What are the materials you use? The material being used are all of premium quality to ensure a longer life span. Ranging from solid wood, high end sisals, and scratching carpets. We would also like to mention that we make sure to use all safe manufacturing techniques that won't affect the wellbeing of the felines. (cat safe glue, etc..) What differentiates OhmyCat from other cat furniture? Our main differentiator is that our furniture is of premium quality material, customizable and space/human friendly. We are positive of the high end quality, which is why any product shipped out of our workshop has a one-year conditional warranty, and our little feline helpers would be happy to replace/fix any of our products should anyone have trouble with any of it. We ship anywhere in the world, so we urge people to go on our website, and get in contact with us should they have any question regarding their cats' behaviors, or if they have any inquiry regarding any product. Also, the aim of OhmyCat is to collaborate with different local designers, craftsmen, etc to collectively make beautiful long lasting things together, and empower one another in a community filled with irreplaceable hidden talents. You will also see, that with each launch of a new line, there's a story. And a story behind every product. Our product lines aim to inform people about the cats from the ancient world, how we've come to domesticate them nearly 100,000 years ago, in different parts of the planet. This product line being launched at the moment takes us back to Mesopotamia to around 12,000 B.C. Archaeological excavations in the past ten years have provided evidence that the Near Eastern Wildcat is the closest relative of the modern-day domestic cat and was bred by Mesopotamian farmers, most probably as a means of controlling pests, such as mice, which were attracted by grain supplies. Any advice you want to give other cat parents? We find a lot of cat parents getting sick with their cats being too hyper, or with ruining their furniture, too anxious, etc.. and tend to give up on them. I would just like to say that it's their cat's instinct to jump around, scratch, have their moments of wildness around the house, this however does not mean that the solution is to give them up. Quite the contrary, we have provided with that solution, being OhmyCat, where they can provide a healthy, cat friendly environment to address to their felines' instincts all the while adding a sweet touch to the design of their homes, without suffering consequences. Thank you Razan!  If you'd like to have a look at the amazing products available on Petriotics, click here!  
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