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5 Reasons Your Pet Should Wear An ID Tag

5 Reasons Your Pet Should Wear An ID Tag

Pets are family and we do everything in our power to keep our loved ones safe. Sadly, every year many family pets get lost and only a fraction of them is found. To prevent this from happening, many vets, rescue organizations and humane societies recommend pets such as cats or dogs to wear a pet ID tag: a small flat piece worn on a pet�s harness or collar. In case your pet doesn't have one yet because you�re not fully convinced, we compiled a list of reasons for putting an ID tag on your pet�s collar:

1. Accidents happen

You may think that you take great care of your pet and that them getting lost is unlikely. And while we are sure that you�re an amazing pet parent, unlikely doesn�t mean impossible - accidents happen. It may be a loud noise making your dog take off in panic during a walk or someone in your house forgetting to close the door properly, you should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. This also applies to indoor cats: �While it may appear like a silly thing to put a collar and an ID tag on an indoor cat, most lost cats were kept exclusively indoor before they somehow got out (open door/ window/ balcony) and the fact that they aren�t wearing any identification makes it almost impossible for them to be found.

2. People will help

Especially in a country with a high stray population like Lebanon many people will not take action when they see a pet that seems lost. �With a tag and collar, your pet is more likely to receive help.�Much more people are willing to stop and help a stray that appears to be a family pet. Without a tag or collar, people might be hesitant to approach your fur child and their chance to be rescued is lower.

3. And return your fur child fast

Without a doubt, Pet ID tags are the fastest way to get your pet home.�Micro-chipping is an important way to keep track of your pet, especially if the collar gets lost but to read it, the finder will need to take them to a vet's office. Pet ID tags, on the other hand, make it fast and easy for anyone to get in touch with you as soon as they find your pet.

4. It is stylish

Beside being useful, pet tags went a long way from boring and boldly shaped to beautiful, precious and personalized. You can choose from various designs, shapes, colors and fonts to make it unique � just like your companion. We recommend to write your furry one�s name and your phone number but you can also add your home address/ e-mail address or a funny pun! On Petriotics you can find a big variety of ID dog tags and cat tags. Find more stylish Cat Tags Find more stylish Dog Tags

5. It gives you peace of mind

Even if your furry one never gets lost (and we truly hope so), having the tag will take some worry off you. You�ll feel better knowing that in the worst-case scenario there�s a high chance of strangers contacting you if they encounter your lost companion.

My pet hates wearing a collar, what do I do?

It is important to introduce your furry one gradually to anything new, including a collar. First, start simple without jingling tags or bells. Place the properly fitted (two fingers space ) collar on your pet for short periods of time. Reward the pet with a treat, cuddles and/or playtime and remove the collar. Replace and remove the collar multiple times over a few days, until your pet is comfortable and associates wearing the collar with great things � fun time with you! Later on, add the tags and if your pet seems to hate the sound, wrap clear sticky tape or a rubber band around it to silence the jingling.

Spread the word!

Share this article on social media and if you notice a friend or family member�s pet does not wear ID, consider giving them a collar and tag as a present. If your companion got lost or you know someone in this horrible situation, please have a look at our previous blog post on what steps to take to best find your lost pet.
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