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Virbac - Effipro Spray 100ml

176,000 LBP
Characteristics of Virbac Effipro in Spray
Effipro Spray is an antiparasitic spray effective against fleas, ticks and biting lice in dogs and cats. Insecticidal efficacy against new infestations by adult fleas persists for up to 6 weeks in cats and up to 3 months ...

Fipronil skin solution
Can be integrated into a therapeutic program for the treatment of Allergic Dermatitis to Flea Bites (DHPP / DAPP).

One ml contains: Active substance: Fipronil ..... 2.5 mg

Place the gun nozzle in the spray position.
Spray the product over the entire coat of the animal from a distance of approximately 10-20 cm.
Apply 3 to 6 ml per kg depending on the length of the hairs.
Apply against the direction of hair growth, ensuring that the entire coat of the animal is moistened.
Massage the coat, especially in long-haired animals so that the product penetrates to the skin.
For the treatment of the area around the head, or to treat young or nervous animals, the application can be done by first spraying the product on a glove and then rubbing the glove on the coat. Allow to dry in the open air.