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Spirit Probiotics Tablets Dog Digestive Vitamins 160g

by Spirit
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  • Improves Digestion: Enhances digestive function by producing beneficial enzymes.
  • Increases Immunity: Boosts the immune system for better overall health.
  • Reduces Feces Odor: Significantly minimizes the smell of feces.
  • Weight Management: Helps prevent obesity and controls weight to maintain a healthy balance, ensuring your dog doesn’t become too thin or overweight.
  • Maximizes Nutrient Absorption: Promotes optimal nutrient absorption for better health and vitality.

This product effectively controls your pet's body weight, preventing obesity and ensuring a healthy weight balance. It enhances your pet's ability to break down proteins, which improves their digestion and nutrient absorption functions. Additionally, it maintains a healthy balance of enteric microorganisms, preventing intestinal diseases and boosting immunity.

For puppies, this product improves reflex abilities, increasing their survival rates and contributing to healthier development.

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Fructo-oligosaccharide Bifidobacterium B Vitamins, Nicotinic acid Pantothenic acid, Folic acid

 Weight Tablets
5-10kg 2 Tablets/day
10-25kg 3-4 Tablets/day
25-35kg 5-6 Tablets/day
35kg 8-10 Tablets/day

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