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Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dry Cat Food Ha St/Ox Hypoallergenic Clinical Diet, 1.3 Kg

639,000 LBP
Purina PRO PLAN are committed to producing the most innovative diets based on cutting edge proven science to support optimal health and wellbeing in dogs and cats.

The Purina PRO PLAN Veterinary Diets range are only available for pets with specific health conditions and should be used under Veterinary guidance.

The Purina PRO PLAN Veterinary Diet Feline HA St/Ox Hypoallergenic is a complete hypoallergenic veterinary diet for the diagnosis and management of food allergies in cats of all ages, including kittens.

Some cats may suffer from food allergy, which can cause skin discomfort and/or digestive upsets.

The food is a true hypoallergenic diet formulated with protein that has been broken down (hydrolysed) into very tiny components that are too small to cause an allergic reaction, and a purified carbohydrate source.

Such hydrolysed diets are recognised as the best type of food to use during an 'elimination diet trial' when trying to diagnose (or rule out) food allergy.

During such a trial it is important that your cat is fed no other food or treats.

PRO PLAN HA is also useful for cats with severe bowel disease such as IBD as it is highly digestible.

Please note that all indications for Purina PRO PLAN Veterinary Diets are for the dietary support of cats with the listed conditions and do not preclude appropriate medical management.

The veterinary diet should be used under veterinary supervision.
Rice starch1, Hydrolysed soya protein2, soybean oil, minerals, hydrolysed digest2, animal fat, fish oil. 1 = Carbohydrate source. 2 = Protein source.
Protein: 35.5%, Fat Content: 10.0%, Crude Ash: 8.0%, Crude Fibres: 3.0%, Essential Fatty Acids: 4.0%.
Cat Body
per Day
2kg 35g
4kg 70g
6kg 100g
8kg 130g

*For each additional 1kg of body weight, feed an additional 15g of food per day.

Cats of all ages, including kittens, who are (or who may be) suffering from a food allergy.