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Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diet Feline EN Gastrointestinal (1.5kg - 5kg)

by ProPlan
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Feline EN St/Ox Gastrointestinal is a highly palatable and easily digestible complete veterinary food to help manage gastrointestinal and chronic liver diseases (except encephalopathy) in both adult cats and kittens. Intestinal discomfort is often associated with malabsorption and poor digestion, so Feline EN St/Ox Gastrointestinal contains selected highly digestible ingredients to help reduce the burden on the irritated gut and minimize gastrointestinal side effects. It also contains limited protein sources to help minimize feed reactions.

Feline EN St/Ox Gastrointestinal contains probiotics to promote a healthy intestinal environment and is highly palatable, which is very important for cats with intestinal diseases as they often have a poor appetite. St/Ox is a seal which means that the food reduces the risk for the cat to develop struvite and calcium oxalate which form urinary stones.

Purina EN Gastrointestinal is served as a complete complete feed or together with a customized wet feed. Serving wet food alongside the dry food is a good way to ensure that the cat is getting enough fluids.

Complete dietetic pet food for cats of all life stages for reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders and promotion of nutritional restoration and convalescence.

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Soya protein isolate* Dehydrated chicken protein Soya meal Maize starch* Animal fat* Digest Minerals Inulin (min 0.2%) Fish oil*
Moisture: 6.5% Protein: 40% Fat: 20% Omega-6 fatty acids: 1.95% Omega-3 fatty acids: 0.47% Carbohydrate: 23% Crude fibre: 2%


Body weight (kg) Daily feeding quantity
Dry (g/day) Dry + can combined Dry + pouch combined
Dry (g/day) Can/day Dry (g/day) Pouch/day
2 30 15 1/3 20 1/3
3 45 15 1/2 30 1/2
4 60 30 1/2 35 1
5 70 20 1 50 1
6 85 35 1 65 1
7 100 50 1 80 1
8 115 60 1 90 1

For each additional 1 kg of body weight, feed an additional 15 g of dry food per day when only dry food is feed or ½ of can or pouch per day when only wet food is fed or 10 g of dry food when mixed food is given.


KITTEN GROWTH: see table.

Age (weeks) Daily feeding quantity (g/day)
6-12 20-70
12-26 45-95
26-52 95-50


To optimize nutrient digestion and absorption, the daily intake of Feline EN St/Ox Gastrointestinal should be divided into several small meals. For kittens from 6 to 12 weeks, water may initially need to be added to moisten the food until weaning is complete, and the amount of added water then gradually reduced.
Consider adding PURINA PRO PLAN Feline FortiFlora on top of this product as microflora imbalance is common in cases of GI disturbances

Customer Reviews

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Nour S.
Great food for cat gastro issues

Vet recommends it!

Naila N.

It’s good food when my cat has digestive problems or constipation