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PROPLAN - Veterinary Diet Urinary Dry Dog Food 3kg

1,106,000 LBP
Dissolution of sterile struvite stones.
Promotes an acidic urine to help reduce urinary struvite stone formation and promote dissolution.
Moderate protein to help minimise substrate availability for urease-producing bacteria.
Highly palatable for long term feeding.
Controlled pH: formulated to promote an acidic urine.
Corn Wheat flour Dried poultry protein Rice Pork fat Corn protein meal Digest Dried beet pulp Dried egg Minerals Fish oil Urine acidifying substances: calcium sulphate, phosphoric acid. Calories 372.5kCals per 100g
Protein: 22% Fat content: 15% Crude ash: 4.9% Crude fibre: 1.5% Calcium: 0.7% Phosphorus: 0.7% Potassium: 0.7% Chloride: 0.7% Sulphur: 0.3% Sodium: 0.2% Magnesium: 0.08%

Adult maintenance: see table.

Body weight (kg) Daily feeding quantity (g/day)
2.5 65
5 105
10 165
15 215
25 300
35 380
45 450
70 600


Increased water consumption can help dilute the urine and further decrease the risk of crystal formation. For dissolution of struvite stones, an initial feeding period of 5-12 weeks is recommended. For long-term use, an initial feeding period of up to 6 months is recommended, but the dog should be re-evaluated regularly as indicated by the underlying condition.