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Pawise- Puppy Toy Lion neck

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47,000 LBP

Pawise Puppy toy Lion neck is designed with a soft plush and an elastic band, so you can play together.  It also includes a raised thermoplastic neck or stick that helps them go through the teething process when their teeth are being born.  It is made so that your dog can bite it, with a texture that ensures pleasure in his gums helping to clean his teeth.  With Pawise toys designed for puppies, you prevent your dog from wanting to chew on your shoes or home furniture, improve his behavior, help him with training and with the daily exercise he needs for his physical, mental and emotional health.  Having a puppy at home is pure fun and joy, we remind you that it has many natural instincts to discover and develop, chewing objects is a natural instinct, it does not mean that your dog misbehaves but that it needs things to bite to release its  energy and as its teeth are growing, Puppy Toy Pawise toys are specially made to meet all the needs of your puppy.  Sound gives these toys extra fun, developing your dog's senses and intelligence.  It is a safe toy to use indoors, outdoors or when you take it for a walk