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Pawise - Lounge Chair Cat Scratcher

272,000 LBP

The  Chaise Cardboard Scratcher with Catnip - Pawise  is very resistant and comes with Catnip to attract your cat. It helps with conditioning the nails,  besides promoting relaxation and eliminating stress. Catnip is offered in the form of herb 2gr, and from the mint family and is well known for its stimulating action that is placed inside toys. Under the effect of the plant, cats can start sniffing, licking, chewing, shaking their heads, meowing, rubbing their chins and rolling their bodies as if they were having a great time. The use of catnip is recommended for very aggressive cats. There is no risk of harm to their health, most cats know when to stop and are never intoxicated.  

Dimensions: 46 length x 23 width x 6 height


The cardboard texture is very attractive for your pussy's claws. The cardboard is soft enough to tear and pierce, but it is also tough to help remove loose layers of the nail. Of course, they will smell, explore and enjoy the novelty! Their world is their home and their window, they always see the same things, day after day. Everything new will look very interesting, and exploring new things is very good for your cat's mental health. To make your cat even more interested in the scratching, try placing Catnip.

Catnip or catnip is a plant that belongs to the mint family, cats that show reactions to Catnip usually roll on the ground, they also hunt and rub their nose on the toy that contains the plant, which causes the hunting extinct in the felines, it does not hurt your pet's health because it is a plant and does not have any type of chemistry.