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M-Pets Maui Felt Nest

by MPets
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The M-Pets Maui Felt Nest is made from felt (polyester) and features a reversible yellow/white cushion. Your kitty might enjoy a soft, comfy bed as much as you do. The M-Pets Maui Felt Nest is made from excellent quality fabric. The inner is made from soft and comfortable plush fabric to keep your kitty-cat warm and relaxed. Suitable for all sizes of kitties.
So, how can you tell if your kitty is comfy? While purring is not always a certain sign of a happy kitty, for the most part, it can be an indication of contentment or even bliss.

If your kitty is sleeping with her paws tucked under, she’s feeling relaxed and at home. An agitated cat will straighten its legs and erect the hair along the spine. A cat in a good mood will shrink to appear small and unthreatening. Your cat is also in a happy place when her ears face forward but tilted back ever so slightly.

The M-Pets Maui Felt Nest is suited to cats, small and large, and will give your kitty that much-needed nesting space that cats crave.

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