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Kong - Wubba

by Kong
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KONG Cat Wubba™ is specifically developed to appeal to a cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. All Cat Wubba™ toys have a rattle sound and are infused with KONG’s premium North American catnip for added attraction. The unique tails make a crackle sound that rewards contact and encourages continued play. Cat Wubba toys stimulate senses of sight, sound, smell and touch.

  • Unique fabric invites on-going solo play while a durable fabric lasts longer
  • Long body encourages kicking instincts
  • Rattle in top and crinkles in tails keep cats engaged
  • KONG Premium North American Catnip extends playtime

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                                                                                                          You can place an order and pick it up from our dispatch center in Achrafieh.

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                                                                                                          You can pay in cash only LBP or USD.

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