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Kiki Kat Cat Litter – Natural

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$3.39 - $12.29
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Kiki Kat Natura is a premium unscented clumping cat litter made out of natural white bentonite clay and formulated specially for the best odor control. It’s free of fragrances or dyes, 100% cat-friendly. This helps cats feel like they are in their natural environment.

Quick Clumping & Easy Scooping
Our quick & tight clumping cat litter is designed so that urine and feces can be easily removed from the litter box. Just scoop out the soiled litter from the box and leave the clean litter in its place.

Outstanding Odor Control
With the help of one of the finest clays in the World and a special production process; it locks away unwanted odors instantly and naturally; without fragrances. It’s good for your cat’ s health.

Easy to Carry and Store
Our cat litter is packed in a 5-liter, high quaility sealed-bag. Because of its design and weight, it is easy to carry and adequate for a single cat’s litter needs for a month.

Fast Delivery

Same day delivery in Beirut and up to 2 days outside Beirut.

In store pickup

You can place an order and pick it up from our dispatch center in Achrafieh.

Pay in Cash

You can pay in cash only LBP or USD.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jana Y.

Great cat litter

Rana H.

Its good less dust.
I just found it heavy to dig in

Bissan A.



Low dust, good clumping, no odor

Maram K.

Kiki Kat Cat Litter – Natural


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