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Inodorina Deo Spray Talco 300ml

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Inodorina Deo Spray is a quick and effective solution to refresh and sanitize our dog's coat. Thanks to its specific formulation, it neutralizes any unpleasant odor and deodorizes, protecting the hair from atmospheric agents.

Inodorina Deo Spray is available in 5 fragrances: Talc, Aloe Vera, White Musk, Myrrh and Milk and Vanilla.

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Same day delivery in Beirut and up to 2 days outside Beirut.

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You can place an order and pick it up from our dispatch center in Achrafieh.

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You can pay in cash only LBP or USD.

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It is the ideal treatment after grooming as it gives the coat great shine. Shake well before use. Spray on the coat from a distance of about 20 cm, covering the eyes and muzzle. Brush to distribute the deodorant evenly.

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