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Inodorina - Clorex Hygienic Peepads

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665,000 LBP

Hygienic mats for dogs, in sturdy ultra-absorbent and tear-resistant material, with waterproof film to block the dispersion of liquids and ensure dry domestic surfaces. Maximum stability with non-slip adhesive strips.

Available in two sizes: 60x60 and 60X90 each has 40 pieces.

Customer Reviews

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Georges M.

Hello guys hope all is well! for the peepads i think it’s not bad … it is half absorbable… I didn’t try other brands but for now i give it 4/5 …
The funny part is that my dog always trying to tear it apart and play with it 😂

Hello, Georges all is good! thanks for asking ♥
Thank you for the time to review our products! we really do appreciate every single review.
Usually, Inodorina is one of the best qualities on the market, it will now depend on the size of your dog and how often he uses it to potty.
Well, that's a 2-in-1 item a Pee -Pad and a toy for your doggo