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Happy Dog - Vet Urinary 4kgs

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Veterinary special diet for urinary stones, and for disorders which require a low-purine diet

Happy Dog VET Diet P-Urinary is used preventatively and as a support in the treatment of calcium oxalate, urate, xanthine and cystine stones. The especially tasty recipe looks after the liver and kidneys. Happy Dog VET Diet P-Urinary is also strictly low-purine, low in oxalic acid and methionine, and has a target urine pH of 7.0. The highly digestible, plant-based ingredients have been carefully selected. The number of ingredients that encourage urinary stone formation has therefore been significantly reduced. The calcium content is exactly matched to the dog’s requirements. To achieve a balanced diet, this complete food is enriched with carnitine and taurine. Due to its strictly low-purine formulation, the premium food is ideal as additional support in cases of leishmaniasis and leishmaniasis treatments with allopurinol. Dalmatians and other dogs who are purine-intolerant can also be fed the Happy Dog VET Diet P-Urinary.

Additional information:

  • Low protein content – selected protein and selected protein sources.
  • It is recommended that you consult your vet before feeding this product, or stopping the diet.
  • For optimal results, the diet should be fed exclusively. Giving supplementary food should be discussed with your vet.
  • Recommended period of use: initially up to 6 months. In cases of irreversible disruption of the uric acid metabolism: life-long use.
  • Unless otherwise recommended by your vet, offer several small meals per day.
  • The feed quantity should be adjusted to suit the individual animal’s metabolism and may be reduced or increased as necessary.

Always make sure fresh water is available.

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Potato flakes (49%), [potato protein* (20%), sunflower oil, beet pulp* (desugared), pea flakes (4%), dried egg (4%), rapeseed oil, hydrolysed liver, apple pomace*, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride; *) dried
Crude protein 22.5%, crude fat 15.0%, crude fibre 2.5%, crude ash 5.0%, calcium 0.55%, sodium 0.3%, potassium 1.3%, magnesium 0.08%, phosphorous 0.45%, chloride 0.6%, sulphur 0.4%, Omega-6 fatty acids 7.0%, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.7%, sulphur-containing amino acids: 0.82%, hydroxiproline: 0.05%, urinary alkalising substances: calcium carbonate
Feeding recommendation
Ideal weight in kg Normal requirement of adult dog (g/24hrs)
2 48
3.5 74
5 97
7.5 130
10 163
15 220
20 273
25 320
30 370
35 415
40 460
45 500
50 540
60 620
70 690
80 775

Only available with veterinary recommendation.

Feeding to junior dogs up to 12 months, or to pregnant or lactating bitches, or dogs with struvite stones is not recommended.

Recommended period of use:

  • To reduce cystine stone formation: initially for up to 1 year
  • To reduce urate stone formation: up to 6 months; in cases of irreversible disruption of the uric acid metabolism, life-long use.
  • To reduce calcium oxalate stone formation: up to 6 months

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