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GimCat - Relax Paste 50g

137,000 LBP
Most cats love stability. They tend to be very sensitive to stressful or new situations and can exhibit unusual behaviour in these instances. They can start scratching furniture and door frames, for example, or urinate uncontrollably inside the house. Stressful times can include visits to the vet, a new family situation, vacations, home renovations/relocations or changes to the cat’s surroundings such as new animals inside the house or in their territory outside. GimCat Relax contains ingredients that make the cat’s life easier in such situations:

Eschscholtzia herbs and St. John’s wort filtrate bring about calm and relaxation
L-tryptophan promotes production of serotonin (endorphins) to make the cat happy, thereby promoting the cat’s well-being
Vitamin B complex supports nerve function and energy metabolism