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GiGwi - Duck with Plush Tail Green Push To Mute Dog Toy

255,000 LBP
Thermoplastic rubber toy, plush tail. Silent and sound mode. Gigwi
Fun toy with sound in the shape of a duck that will provide hours of fun for your pet, specially designed to make the game more interesting and varied, the handle is lined to make it comfortable to carry and play. It is very resistant and easy to clean. It is made of high quality materials.

The GIGwi "Push to Mute" collection allows your pet to have guaranteed fun while playing with him. But it can also easily be turned into a silent toy, it is only necessary to push in the strip at the end of the toy.

Made to last.
Press the button to mute or pull to unmute.
With strong and safe handle to pull.
Materials: Gaucho / Nylon.
Length: 30 cm.