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Duvo - Slicker Brush

283,000 LBP

With this Duvo+ Slicker brush, comfortably remove excess hair and knots from the fur. The handy triangular shape helps to brush the coat on difficult places, such as under the armpits or behind the ears. The very thin and curved pins gently thin the thick undercoat without skin irritation. Extremely suitable for cats and dogs with thick, long-haired or well-curled coat. Brush your four-legged friend regularly to keep the coat shiny and healthy and also have less work in the house and in the car. The ergonomic handle lies gently in the hand and is made of durable TPR rubber.

  • Removes excess hair and knots
  • The flexible teeth thin out the undercoat without skin irritation
  • Ergonomic handle made of durable TPR rubber
  • Extremely suitable for thick, long-haired or curled fur
  • Regular combing = healthy coat and less work