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Duvo - Dog Muzzle

107,000 LBP
This comfortable nylon muzzle firmly holds your dog’s jaws together to prevent biting, chewing or barking. The strap allows enough space for your dog to drink and pant. Place the muzzle over your dog’s nose. Fasten the buckles using the adjustable closure and pull on the strap. Do not tighten more than necessary! There should be enough room for one finger between the muzzle and your dog’s jaw.
Size Neck Size  Snout Circumference
X-Small 39-51cm 15cm
Small 43-64cm 17cm
Medium 53-77cm 21cm
Large 62-90cm 27cm
X-Large 57-83cm 29cm
XX-Large 61-83cm 31cm
Shor Nose 51-71cm 32cm