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Avantis Pure - Sterilized Cat 2KG

311,000 LBP
Pure Sterilized Cat Adult food is a Complete food for neutered adult cats from 12 months old and above. Because neutered cats need less energy and eat more, they tend to put on weight and require cat food that is specially formulated for them. This 100% natural fish and rice cat food is formulated with sodium bisulfate to help reduce urine pH and dissolve or reduce the formation of most urinary stones. It also contains omega 3 and 6 and probiotics to keep cats in perfect gut health. This cat food is tasty, healthy and guaranteed to keep cats healthy and strong while carefully regulating their weight.

Fresh fish 20%. Rice 10%. Dehydrated fish 8%. Corn gluten meal. Green peas. Corn. Beet pulp. Pea protein. Dehydrated chicken. Hydrolyzed chicken liver. Chicken oil. Apple pulp. Yeasts. Dehydrated Carrot. Minerals. Chicory (source of FOS) 0.10% Yucca Schidigera.
Analytical Components
Crude protein 35.50%
Crude fat 10%
Omega-3 fatty acids 0.40%
Omega-6 fatty acids-6 2%
Crude fibres 3.85%
Crude ash 8.0%
Calcium 1.5%
Phosphorus 1.05%

Weight Portion Weightloss
2kg 27g -
3kg 56g 55g
4kg 68g 71g
5kg 79g 67g
6kg 90g 72g
7kg 100g 77g