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Alcott - Doggy Sleeping Bag

478,000 LBP

We've recently upgraded the design + materials on one of our most popular products! Not only will your thrill sniffer will enjoy more room to snuggle up, but they'll also appreciate the new waterproof base. The base and trim are black, the center is our bright green and the interior is grey. The top can be unzipped almost entirely so you can help your pet in/out of the bag or lay it flat for use as a pad or blanket.

features + benefits

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Rolls up for Easy Storage + Travel
  • Comes with a matching travel Bag!
  • Machine Washable


    please note: To get the rolled dimensions, we folded the sleeping bag in half (vertical/length/hot dog) and then rolled the bag into the provided travel sack. We didn't compress it much or squeeze any air out, but you certainly could get it inside smaller containers.

    • small: 50cm Wide x 81cm Long
    • Medium: 60cm Wide x 96cm Long
    • Large:  71cm Wide x 106 Long