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  • 364,000 LBP

    Cat Tub with Filter L52XW39xH39cm

    Closed hygienic kennel, to reduce the dispersion of sand grains and bad smells With door and carrying handle Dimensions: 52 x 39 x 39 cm It...

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    364,000 LBP
  • 493,000 LBP

    Corner Closed Toilet Basil 52x59x44cm

    Made of high-quality material for your Cat and Rabbits, it is an easy carrying case for cleaning.Made specifically for pets. You can safely move yo...

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    493,000 LBP
  • 214,000 LBP

    Open Corner Cat Litter Box

    An uncovered litter tray provides cats with an open space to relieve themselves Perfect to place in the corners and thus take advantage of the spa...

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    214,000 LBP
  • 353,000 LBP

    Peepad Holder Large 63x48.5cm

    Best Suited for all types dog Non-toxic, easy and safe use The grates allow for your pet's paws to remain dry as the urine passes through the cube...

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    353,000 LBP
  • 171,000 LBP

    Ferribiella - Double Iron Brush and Bristle

    This broom has two sides a large iron brushes and on the other side wide black soft bristles.

    171,000 LBP
  • from 225,000 LBP

    Ferribiella - Pocket waterproof suit

    Practical waterproof with pocket to be always ready in case of bad weather. 100% polyester, with removable tear closure and fit around the neck to ...

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    from 225,000 LBP
  • 268,000 LBP