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  • 283,000 LBP

    Peepad Holder Large 63x48.5cm

    Best Suited for all types dog Non-toxic, easy and safe use The grates allow for your pet's paws to remain dry as the urine passes through the cube...

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    283,000 LBP
  • 137,000 LBP

    Ferribiella - Double Iron Brush and Bristle

    This broom has two sides a large iron brushes and on the other side wide black soft bristles.

    137,000 LBP
  • from 180,000 LBP

    Ferribiella - Pocket waterproof suit

    Practical waterproof with pocket to be always ready in case of bad weather. 100% polyester, with removable tear closure and fit around the neck to ...

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    from 180,000 LBP
  • 214,000 LBP
  • 446,000 LBP

    Ferribiella - Transport Backpack

    Ideal backpack to travel with your pet safely. Made of durable material. Size: 40X17.5X43CM 5KG Blue

    446,000 LBP
  • from 120,000 LBP

    Ferribiella Bristle Brush

    Made with soft bristles to gently care for dog and cat keepers. The pure bristle brushes feature unique tufts of close-set bristles that lock in ha...

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    from 120,000 LBP