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Dog Essentials

  • 174,000 LBP

    Whimzees - Stix

    Here are some STIX your dog will always want to fetch. Made with all-natural ingredients, these long-lasting dental chews will help remove plaque ...

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    174,000 LBP
  • from 103,000 LBP

    Virbac - Healthy and Fresh Breath

    facilitates grabbing and chewing. Contributes to maintaining a fresh and healthy breath. Helps strengthen teeth and limits the formation of tartar...

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    from 103,000 LBP
  • from 73,000 LBP

    Duvo - Dog Pants

    A simple, hygienic solution for female dogs on heat. Duvo+ dog pants can be put on quickly thanks to their comfortable fit, stretchy material and ...

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    from 73,000 LBP
  • 174,000 LBP

    Whimzees - Dental Treats Tooth Brush 360g

    Whimzees bring fun to your dog’s dental care. Natural Whimzees products feature high-quality, vegetable-based ingredients in cool shapes and textur...

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    174,000 LBP
  • from 251,000 LBP

    Inodorina - Clorex Hygienic Peepads

    Hygienic mats for dogs, in sturdy ultra-absorbent and tear-resistant material, with waterproof film to block the dispersion of liquids and ensure ...

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    from 251,000 LBP
  • from 146,000 LBP

    MP Bergamo - Peepad Holder

    Thanks to its special design, the toilet perfectly fixes special diapers. This toilet will be more convenient for your pet. During its use, the dia...

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    from 146,000 LBP
  • 113,000 LBP

    Pawise- Big Eyes Fox

    The Pawise Big Eye Fox will quickly become the best friend of your dog. This Fox feels very soft in the mouth of your dog. It contains two squeaker...

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    113,000 LBP
  • from 79,000 LBP

    Pawise- Squeaky Stick

    pawise Squeaky Stick are made so that your dog can play for hours, they are designed with a durable and durable thermoplastic material, your dog an...

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    from 79,000 LBP
  • from 63,000 LBP

    Pawise - Twins Rope

    Braided rope and rubber makes this fetch toy elastic, it is ideal for fetch and tug games.

    from 63,000 LBP
  • from 35,000 LBP

    Pawise - Rope 2 knots

    Multi-coloured rope bones can be used for interactive play or as solo dog chews Fun and easy way to floss dog's teeth and help prevent dental dise...

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    from 35,000 LBP
  • 126,000 LBP
  • 101,000 LBP

    Pawise - Funky Wings

    101,000 LBP
  • 101,000 LBP
  • from 43,000 LBP

    Inodorina City Bag

    They are indispensable in your walks. Practical and resistant. Suitable for all dispensers. Material to be thrown into the undifferentiated contai...

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    from 43,000 LBP
  • 53,000 LBP

    Carnilove - Semi Moist Duck enriched with Rosemary 200g

    Carnilove Duck and Rosemary Dog Treats are a delicious, soft, semi-moist grain-free snacks that are suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. These...

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    53,000 LBP
  • from 153,000 LBP

    Gigwi - Heavy Punch

    Made from a combination of leather looking material and extra strong cotton canvas, this toy has been built to last. This toy can be used as a tug...

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    from 153,000 LBP
  • 197,000 LBP

    GiGwi - Push to Mute ball

    PUSH TO MUTE ball lets your pet to have loud squeaky fun while playing with the toy. But it can also be easily turned into a quiet mode for the mor...

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    197,000 LBP
  • 149,000 LBP

    GiGwi - Duck with Plush Tail Green Push To Mute Dog Toy

    Thermoplastic rubber toy, plush tail. Silent and sound mode. GigwiFun toy with sound in the shape of a duck that will provide hours of fun for your...

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    149,000 LBP
  • 147,000 LBP

    Gigwi - Dinoball T-Rex Push To Mute Squeaker Lake Blue

    The Gigwi Dinoball T-Rex Push To Mute Squeaker Lake Blue is a rubber dog toy that can be used to add extra excitement to games of fetch. This inter...

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    147,000 LBP
  • 279,000 LBP

    Julius - K9 Fitness by Zeus Double Tennis Ball Ballistic Nylon Twist Tug - 50.8 cm (20 in)

    Regular exercise keeps dogs happy and healthy. The K9 Fitness by Zeus Tennis Ball Twist Tug toy will keep your dog engaged and entertained with a v...

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    279,000 LBP
  • 227,000 LBP

    Julius - K9 Fitness by Zeus Rope and TPR Tennis Ball Dumbbell - 30.48 cm

    Regular exercise keeps dogs happy and healthy. The K9 Fitness by Zeus Rope and TPR Ball Dumbbell will keep your dog engaged and entertained with a ...

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    227,000 LBP
  • 467,000 LBP

    Julius - K9 Yellow Show Training Ball 80mm

    This toy is ideal for gentle play and for triggering predatory instinct in young dogs. It can be used in water as well as on land. With its strikin...

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    467,000 LBP
  • 365,000 LBP

    Nerf - Super Soaker Rubber Frog

    The NERF DOG frog resists your dog's teeth, thanks to its durable woven nylon exterior with tear-resistant polyurethane rubber coating. The Nerf Do...

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    365,000 LBP
  • 260,000 LBP

    Nerf - Rub Wrap Bash Ball Medium Red and blue

    A tennis ball wrapped in a rubber ball is the NERF RUBBER WRAPPED BALL toy . The durable rubber pad extends the toy's life, and its textured hexago...

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    260,000 LBP