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5 New Year's Resolution That Will Make Your Dog Happy

5 New Year's Resolution That Will Make Your Dog Happy

Instead of committing to the usual unrealistic resolutions that we break half-through the year (like going to the Gym every day), why not aim for something fun and feasible this time that will make both,our dog and us, feel good.  
  1. Take more and longer walks with your Pup.
dog-walk-lebanon Did you work long hours last year and sometimes had only time for a 15 minute walk around the block before you passed out on the couch? If you are stingy with walks you are definitely saving on the wrong end, because in case your dog has too much extra-energy he’ll likely chew your shoes or your furniture. If time doesn’t allow more or longer walks, think about asking another family member for help with exercise or consider putting your dog in doggy-daycare.  45 minutes a day is the absolute minimum but if you have a high-energy dog walks can’t really be long enough.  
  1. Feed them high quality food and treats
dog-food-lebanon We all know what happens to us, if we only eat junk-food: We become fat and unhappy and most of all unhealthy. Unsurprisingly it is just the same for our dogs. They don’t seek variation in food like we do, but the ingredients of the dry food we feed do matter if you want your dog to live a long and healthy life. Therefore don’t go for the supermarket junk-food, there is high quality food available starting from $63/15kg (Josera) All the way to $100 Taste of The Wild and Dr. Clauders. Check them out here  
  1. Go together for an outdoor adventure
dog-hike-lebanon Don’t spent so many of your weekends in bed watching Netflix. Put on your hiking shoes, get yourself and your furry friend in the car and go for an unforgettable adventure in nature. You’ll spend some quality time, work on your fitness and when you come back there is still time for both of you to cuddle up on the couch and watch something.
  1. Teach your dog new tricks
dog-trick-lebanon You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or so goes the saying. Luckily this is all wrong and your dog can learn new tricks (or brush up on old ones) at any point of his life and will love to. On YouTube you can find many videos on how to teach new tricks to your dog (my favorite Channel is this one: ) This will be fun for both of you and a spectacular thing to impress your family and friends.  
  1. Schedule play-dates with other dog owners
play-dates-lebanon As much as your dog loves you, your friends and your family it is only healthy for him/her to crave interaction with other (friendly) dogs. Early socialization not only with people but also with other dogs is so important for your dog in order to gain social skills, and, as hard as it is in Lebanon sometimes, you are the one to make it happen. If you don’t have any friends or family with dogs that could pass by for a play-date, try to connect with other dog owners or put your dog in doggy daycare once in awhile.      
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