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Keeping Your Pet Healthy - Interview with Dr. Myra Tabet

Keeping Your Pet Healthy - Interview with Dr. Myra Tabet

Anyone who has ever had a pet wishes just one thing — that he or she has a healthy and long life. What are the most common health problems for pets and what can we do to prevent them? We interviewed vet Dr. Myra Tabet to find out. Dr. Myra Tabet  is a holistic vet with a degree in Veterinary Sciences from AUB and a Doctors degree from Szent Istvan University in Hungary, one of Europe's leading veterinary schools. Her passion and devotion for animals lets her explore new more natural methods of treatment primairly through a healthy balanced nutrition. Other than being a strong advocate for animals and their health, she is currently studying for her Doctorates degree, owner of Pawesome Organic, and a sports enthusiast. Why did you become a vet? Ever since i was child i've had dogs in our house. At the age of 11 my dog died because of a vet mistake and i was furious! At that exact moment i knew that i would NEVER allow another vet to kill any dog of mine and decided to became a vet in order to save as many lives as i can and not let other pets go through the same issue my dog went. What are the most common issues in Lebanon people see a vet for? The most common issues we see lately in dogs and cats are gastro-intestinal problems and skin issues. How can they be prevented? They can be prevented by adequate nutrition. The parent can also prevent any disease by being careful while walking his dog so that he does not ingest any foreign object! Pet parents should also be made aware of toxic foods for their pets (garlic, alcohol, chocolate...). What is something you would like every pet owner to know? Every pet owner should listen to their gut feeling and take their pets to the vet in case they feel something is wrong! A lot of pets pass away unfortunately because the pet owner does not want to bother the vet or is not sure if that is an emergency!always call your vet in case pf doubt. What would you advise pet owners to keep their furry ones healthy? Adequate nutrition, exercise and love are the key to a happy and healthy dog :) How important is diet for pet health ? Diet is the key to a dog's health! It is crucial for every pet owner to know what the ingredients of the food he is feeding his dog are. Treats also play a big importance in their overall health!!! Always consult with your vet to find the most appropriate food as this is based on the dog's overall health status.  
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