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Are You Making Any Of These 5 Dog Training Mistakes?

Are You Making Any Of These 5 Dog Training Mistakes?

We all want a wonderfully behaved dog, but sometimes it becomes frustrating when the training just doesn't seem to show the desired progress. All good things need time and obviously you won't be able to change your features of the effect on the body dog's behavior from a week to another. Still, if you feel like your dog is not well trained enough given the time and effort you're putting in maybe you are making one of the 7 most common dog training mistakes:

1. Being inconsistent


Do you know these behaviors in your dog that are sometimes adorable and sometimes terribly annoying? Remember to be consistent when trying to teach your dog not to beg, not to go on the couch and not to jump on you when greeting you.Consistency is KEY in EVERY single area of training your dog. Whether it be command training, potty training, working through behavioral issues, etc. being consistent is the most important thing to remember.

2. Always training in the same place

If you always train in the same location, you may find that your dog only completes commands well in that location. The solution is simple. Practice in multiple places if you want your dog to obey your commands in multiple places. If you only want your dog to obey in the kitchen, by all means, just train in the kitchen. It�s all about context.

3. Repeating A Command More Than Once

This is the most common mistake among dog owners. I can guarantee you that every dog owner has been at fault of this without even realizing it! Let's say you are trying to get your dog to lie down you tell him down" and he doesn't lie down. So how do you react? Many dog owners will continue to say "down" until the dog finally does it, but without even knowing it, you might have told your dog "down" three times before he actually followed the command and he will think that he doesn't have to do what you ask until you tell him three times.


4. Scaring and punishing your dog

Science has proven that dogs respond more quickly to positive reinforcement training than punishment training. Praise and reward should be given immediately after a dog completes the desired task. Keep it fun, and make sure to wean off of treats as soon as the dog learns a command. Don't yell at your dog or hit him/her it is useless: Fear inhibits learning!

5. Starting a training session grumpy

If you're in a bad mood, you're probably going to make many of the dog training mistakes listed above, and more. If it's been a rough day, you're probably better off skipping a training session and cuddling up with your furry companion on the couch.

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