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What it’s like to raise a Lebanese dog!

What it’s like to raise a Lebanese dog!

[ux_image id="3430"] It�s been starting to feel like it�s fashionable to have a dog or any other kind of pets at home. More people are adopting and shifting from pet haters to proud parents. However, in Lebanon having pets comes with difficulties that dog owners specifically don�t realize until they�re in too deep in their relationship with their dog(s). Taking care of a dog goes beyond a trip to the vet every once in a while and certainly is not just about providing food, water and shelter. Dogs, just like humans, need more attention and inevitably, props. Every trip to anywhere in Lebanon with pet products costs at least double what you would usually pay in any other country of the world ranging from food and treats to chew toys and hygiene products. Most of us would pay without complaint because we want what�s best for our dogs, however if presented with the choice of having less expensive quality products we would definitely welcome it. The main reason behind the discrepancy is that everyone wants to make a buck in a relatively small market, from importer to supplier and finally to the outlets themselves. Also, out of love, we disregard the fleeting money but it doesn�t get easier since we have nowhere to play with our little balls of energy. It becomes exhausting for us and boring for them to get cramped up indoor out of lack for adequate spaces to walk them and drain their excessive energy. Most roads are either bursting with crazy drivers and garbage or have no sidewalks what so ever. Most parks, Winstrol Depot of Stanozolol if and when available, are not really open to dogs or not big enough to handle them not to forget the people who don�t like dogs at the same time. There are only a handful of cafes and restaurants that are remotely pet-friendly, so we end up walking them in the parking lot of our own buildings. And the latter does not come without consequences as cases of poisoning keep reoccurring. I�m not sure why anyone would exterminate other people�s pets but they�re usually their next-door neighbor and it makes you extremely paranoid. Moreover, there�s a very small number of hospitals, care centers and shops that are convenient. There are one to two hospitals per city/district in small cities and more in bigger cities. This is very bad when you just ran out of food, and even worse when your dog is having an emergency, especially if you don�t make it in time during their working hours because of the usual traffic. Finally, making a decision whether to train your dog yourself or take them to a professional is like deciding which school you should enroll your kids at. The difference is that they don�t usually electrocute your kid at school but they would at many of the training facilities in Lebanon. Finding the right trainer who wouldn�t charge you a kidney is extremely hard so you resolve to train your pet yourself which is not always successful. But until municipalities change and the market grows big enough for supply to cost less, keep loving and hanging on to those little creatures!
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