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Member Story: What Is It Like To Live With Multiple Pets?

Member Story: What Is It Like To Live With Multiple Pets?

The more cuddles the better, right? Many pet parents have more than one fur child living together under one roof. However, this peaceful co-existence doesn't always come easily, especially when it involves different species that communicate differently. We spoke to our member Nadine about living in a multi-pet household, her fur kids and what to look for when adding more pets to your family.  
  Hi Nadine, how many pets do you have? 
In total, i have nine: eight cats and one dog. Zoey, Mimsy, Brownie, Meeko, Ginger, Spots, Brownie JR, Fluffy (the Fluff) and Marley.
Do you live with your family? If yes,how do they feel about so many pets?
I do live with my mom and she seems to have almost the same connection that i have with my pets. Our house would be lonely without them.
How did they find their way to you?
I always had cats since childhood. In 2013, I adopted Kitty from my sister in law. She's a sweet, playful and always hungry cat who later gave birth to a litter of kittens who all got adopted except my now Zoey. Kitty was later adopted by my relative in the village where she is very happy. Fluffy, an elderly caramel Persian, just waltzed into our home when my mom opened the front door. How we adopted Mimsy was a funny story actually: One day, when i returned home, my mom was like" i have a gift for you in the bathroom". And there was Mimsy, just hiding behind the bathroom door. She seemed to be a runaway and i quickly took her in. Then, we got Marley, the very energetic British cream Golden Retriever. Marley thinks he is a kitten, and likes to play with other cats. But the other cats don't like it so much.
Do you have a favorite?
Zoey is my favorite cat. She was one of  was to be adopted by my friend, but i told her i just cant hand her the kitten because we had instant connection. She thought i was nuts. Zoey is one of a kind: quirky, naughty, tender and friendly feline. She is also a one large cuddly cat.
Do they get along? Are there any issues?
My pets relatively get along. There are no issues other than it would be advisable to research cat/dog breeds personality to understand their adaptability to other pets.
How can you combine your everyday life, like job and hobbies with taking care of so many pets?
Pets, and especially cats have always been a source of happiness to me. I owned my first pet Miso which was a cat at age 3 and never stopped being a cat lover since. Being around my pets gives me full serenity. It is just relaxing to be around such creatures. I have always been a full time employee, but now i operate as a freelancer and have become a full time pet mom.I also enjoy singing and Vlogging. Being around my pets gives me full serenity. It is just relaxing to be around such creatures. What's the best thing about living with many pets?
The best thing about living with pets is the affection you get and the unconditional love they give you. And how this little creature who just, like us needs to be taken care of and feel protected. They truly make my day. It is also just like humans you get to discover the different personalities each cat has which is amazing.I sometimes say, pets are better than therapy and chocolate cake combined. They have this spiritual aura about them.  
  What advice can you give people with many pets or the ones thinking about adding more pets to their fur family?
For those who want to add to the family. Do it. If one cat or one dog makes you happy, just wait till you get another. You will then explore the different sides of your cat/s. Do not feel guilty if you feel that you will favor one over the other.It naturally happens. I would also advice people to give equal love and attention to each pet because they do sense neglect and get jealous if you shower the other as well. Take excellent care of their health and well-being. Animals are just like us.They even formed societies long before we did. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from them and appreciate their existence on earth because without them, there would be no balance on the planet.
If you'd like to follow Nadine and her fur family on Instagram, you can find her here.
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