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How To Pet-Proof Your Holiday Decorations

How To Pet-Proof Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays are coming up and lights and decorations are a festive and cosy addition to your house. There is just one problem: Many pets can’t resist the urge to sniff, claw, climb or pee on them. Especially the christmas tree often becomes victim of cat climbing adventures. It's hard to blame them as it’s normal for cats to explore heights while dogs may want to “mark” the convenient indoor doggy signpost. We therefore collected 5 tips to decorate for Christmas but at the same time keep your furry ones safe:

1. Be careful with the tree

To keep your family decorations safe, and protect your pet from broken glass, put fragile ornaments towards the top of the tree, or switch to plastic altogether. Also ribbons, pompoms and even cat toys make great & safe tree decorations. Make sure the tree won't fall on your pet by placing it in a corner and securely anchoring it to the ceiling or wall. Even if you love candle light remember that open flames and pets don’t mix. Aside from the fire hazard of having a candle close to the Christmas tree, flickering candlelight is hard to resist. Great ideas (see images above) are also to put decoration boxes around the tree as well as a little fence.

2. Don't buy these plants

Several popular holiday plants and flowers are toxic to dogs and cats, causing symptoms that range from mild stomach and mouth irritation to possible death. These include holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and even pine needles. If you decorate with any of them, keep them way out of reach of your pets. Better yet, look for pet-safe alternatives. Artificial versions can be just as lovely, and a lot safer for your dog.

3. Distract your furry one

Find a variety of exciting dog and cat toys on Place lots of toys, scratching posts and treat puzzles around the house to keep your furry one too busy to wreck your Christmas decorations.

4. Hide poisonous holiday food

Chocolate and other sweets and cooked bones can be dangerous to your pet and should be kept in safe distance from them even if they look at you with their big puppy/kitty eyes;)

5. Relax

Christmastime is extra-special with your family (and pets) and you should not stress too much about a broken decoration or a few ornaments less as long as your furry ones are happy and safe.
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