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7 Reasons You Should Attend The 'Let's Talk Dogs' Event

7 Reasons You Should Attend The 'Let's Talk Dogs' Event

Do you have a dog and no plans for the upcoming Sunday? Pawfect! �There will be an exciting event for dog lovers full of interesting seminars surrounding 'dog care' in downtown Beirut. Not sure if it's for you? Have a look at these �7 reasons why you should not miss out:   1.You will learn how to take care of your dog in emergencies We all know: Lebanon is not the safest place for animals. Crazy traffic, psychopaths trying to poison our dogs and streets covered in glass and other sharp objects. So the best we can do is to be prepared. The seminar conducted by Dr. Myra Tabet will teach you how to approach an injured dog, how to conduct first aid in case of accidents and poisoning as well as CPR for dogs. 2. You won't ever mess up your dogs grooming� After seeing a lot of shaved double-coated dogs this summer, it's obvious that there is a lack of awareness about the do's and dont's of grooming. This seminar will teach you, what you need to know about grooming your dog at a professional place and at home, from brushing to ear-cleaning to dental hygiene. 3. You will bust the most common nutrition myths�
Get the facts on misleading�pet food�& nutrition�myths�and learn more about common ingredients in pet food that you should avoid. Pick up new ideas on how to upgrade your dogs diet to keep them healthy and happy.
�4. You will learn about the do's and don'ts of modern dog training
In many areas of life we seek information based on scientific research in order to make the right decisions instead of spending our time and money on something ineffective.�So why not in dog training?�Thankfully in the past decade there has been a lot of research conducted to find out how dog's brains function and how they learn best. Expand your knowledge about modern and science-backed ways to teach your dog in this Sundays workshop conducted by Bechara Hitti.
5. It's the perfect opportunity for you to take action
Does it break your heart to see daily photos of abandoned and injured animals on Facebook? Do you scroll down feeling depressed and helpless? Did you ever wonder what you, personally, can do to help improve the situation? With the two biggest Lebanese animal NGO's, Animals Lebanon and Beta, participating in the event, this is your chance to get in touch!
�6. You will meet tons of other dog lovers��
Are there enough people in your life that love dogs as much as you do? There can never be enough! Meet fun and like-minded people at the event and arrange play dates for your dogs:)
�7. You will enjoy some healthy and delicious food
To make sure everyone is energetic and focussed, attendants of Let's Talk Dogs will be able to enjoy a tasty, satisfying & healthy food and yummy juices from Fresh Healthy caf� in Zalka. Sahtein!
If you got excited and want to learn more about the event, click here.�If you need more reasons, call us on �+961 70932676 :)
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