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7 Pets From Lebanon You Should Follow On Instagram

7 Pets From Lebanon You Should Follow On Instagram

Because your Instagram can always use more cuteness, we put together this compilation of pawesome, adorable and exciting Lebanese pet accounts, that will keep you awww-ing on a daily basis. Get inspired while having a look at their adventures, explore new hiking spots and check out Lebanons pet friendly places!

Ava ( @ava_both_francis )

Like so many dogs stories in Lebanon, Ava's journey began very tragic: After being found abandoned on the streets of Kaslik she ended up with an abusive "foster" family, who kept her starving and chained in a dark old factory. When seeing her in this terrible state, her future mum and dad didn't think twice before bringing her home. Ava's Instagram account was created by her mum Kim in order for people to see that mutts or mixed dogs are just as cute and intelligent as pure breeds. With 5000 followers from all over the world, she not only proved this point but her Instagram also helped other dumped dogs in Lebanon find homes; the last rescue traveled recently to a new home in Canada.

London ( @londontheretriever )

Sweetheart London is a real family lady. With her tenderness and loving care she even helped her Mum with rescuing a litter of kittens. Currently she is living with 3 other pet friends: Spiky, a senior pomeranian and two cats, Jazz and Tom, who is blind. London is passionate about squeaky toys and nature hikes with her mum, resulting in beautiful, hillarious and absolutely adorable pictures. Make sure to not miss her birthday on the 5th of October:)

Nova ( @everybodylovesnova )

Everyone who visits Beirut Souks regularly has probably met Nova since this is her favorite hang out spot. With her glamorous hairstyle (get it here !) as well as her fun and cheerful happy-go-lucky attitude, she already gathered a fan base and regularly has her photos taken! Also she won the first place in the category "Perfect Mixed Breed" at this years dog show organised by Beta. Nova was adopted a year ago from them, proving another time that rescue dogs are just fabulous!     [message_box bg_color="rgb(0, 163, 224)" padding="26"] [row v_align="middle" h_align="center"] [col span="8" span__sm="12"] Start shopping online for your Dog or Cat today and have it delivered anywhere in Lebanon! [/col] [col span="3" span__sm="12" align="center"] [button text="Shop now" color="white" style="outline" radius="99" link=""] [/col] [/row] [/message_box]    

Kira ( @kira.thelabrador )

Based in Jbeil, this almost two year old adopted English Labrador lady enjoys the sunny side of life. Always energetic she spends her time relaxing with her mum Ranine on the beach, hiking, camping, playing and exploring Lebanons countryside. She is a social butterfly who always enjoys meeting new people or hanging out with her cat friends at home. If you ever meet the two of them on their adventures, make sure to bring Kira a snack as she is very passionate about eating.

Bruno ( @bruno_a_dogs_life )

This handsome fella was rescued at a young age after his mum was shot by the municipality. From then on he has been lovingly cared for and despite a number of allergies he is leading a life that most dogs can only dream of, filled with outdoor adventures, homemade meals, tug of war (his favorite game!) and tons of cuddles. His mum Raseel did not only change his life, but the lives of countless strays she rescued. If you can support her or are looking for a loving companion, contact her here.

Thor and Loki ( @zouzdogs )

Next time you pass by Tyre, make sure to bodybuilding and fitness pass by Tavolino Pub to visit these two handsome boys. Both of them were very ill when they were rescued by their loving owner Zouheir and have lived the good life ever since. They are real beach boys, swimming every day of the year and going for very long walks on the seaside of Tyre. Spending a lot of time at their owners bar, they are very social and always get a lot of attention and cuddles from everyone.

Bonbon ( @bonbonthecat1 )

Bonbon, winner of several cat beauty contests and queen of everyones hearts, is leading a life of luxury. Rescued as a kitten by a lovely family on a picnic trip, this cat lady now has even a personal tailor creating outfits for numerous occasions (Above you see the Lebanese independence day!). Cared for by three loving women, she even saved one of her family member's lifes: When her guardians mum had a stroke, Bonbon ran to the door and kept on scratching it while meowing, causing the rest of the family to come to the rescue. This spoiled, sweet and calm lady got to explore the world more than most other house cats, accompanying her mum Dalia to university as well as yearly family trips to Saudi Arabia.   If you would like us to spotlight other pets' accounts, feel free to mention them in the comment section or send us a message!  
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