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5 Reasons To Attend The “Ours and Theirs” Paw Shake Event On Sunday

5 Reasons To Attend The “Ours and Theirs” Paw Shake Event On Sunday

Join us for a fun-packed day of dog-themed recreation and special events organized by Paw Shake this Sunday, the 29th of April, from 3-8pm. There will be plenty of competitions, games and other activities for your Pooch along with expert speakers, live music and delicious food and drinks for you and your furry friends! And the entrance is FREE. The festival is named "Ours and Theirs", inspired by Earth Day and takes place at the beautiful Rachid Karami International Fair (see above). We know, Tripoli is very north and it might be a long car ride away from many of you. But how many events are there in Lebanon dedicated to humans and their beloved companion? Exactly. With all this fun, your dog will forgive you the long car ride! There are many reasons why you should not miss this event:

1. Spend some quality time with your furry one

Work and other responsibilities can easily get the better of you. When did you last spend some quality time with your furry one? Make up for it! This Sunday you and your furry ones can get active, go crazy and enjoy yourselves playing games like Musical Sit, Treasure Hunt, Peanut Butter Call or mastering an obstacle course together. Sign your companion up for fun competitions like “Most Handsome Dog” or “Old but Gold” to win amazing gift boxes from Petriotics.

2. Socialize with other pet parents and have your dog socialize with other dogs

Looking to meet other animal lovers and make new friends with similar interests? A festival dedicated to dogs and their humans might just be the perfect place for that. But mingling with other members of their own species isn’t only good for us but also for our dogs mental health: it will help boost their self-esteem and allows them to behave like  proper dogs for a bit, particularly important these days, when dogs are often being treated less and less like actual dogs, and more like little people - we are all guilty of it!

3. Expand your knowledge about dog training, grooming and pet health

With Lebanons’ leading pet experts including positive trainer Bechara Hitti from Bright Animals, groomer Joana Turk from A la Queue as well as Veterinarian Dr. Jad from Paw Progressive Animal Wellness you can learn a lot, receive valuable tips and ask whatever questions are on your mind.

4. Learn about adoption and get to know the Paw Shake rescues

There will be 10 adorable, amazing Paw Shake rescues attending the event including this cute girl named 'Midway'. So if you think about adopting a dog and/or need more information about the adoption process, this event is ideal for you.

5. Support a great cause

Another important reason to join the event is to support the NGO Paw Shake in their mission to help animals, their goal to make Tripoli an animal friendly city and with their 2007 opened shelter which is the first one (!) in the North. To summarize, this Sunday is your unique chance to have a blast with your dog, to meet like-minded people and to support a great cause. We would love to see you there! Like any professional event, there must be a few rules to keep you and your companions safe and the event enjoyable:
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