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3 Food Storage Mistakes, That You Shouldn't Make

3 Food Storage Mistakes, That You Shouldn't Make

The way you  store your dry dog food at home makes a big difference in how long it stays fresh and remains nutritional for your pet. Follow these 3 Tips to keep your food fresh and your pet happy & healthy:

  1. Don’t let air or humidity get into the food bag Make sure to keep your dry food in its original bag and make sure the bag is sealed well after every time you take food out of it. This is important  to prevent air and humidity from entering, which can contaminate the food with bacteria like Salmonella and pose a health threat to your furry children. While high quality pet food bags have been designed to keep out these elements when closed well, you can still be safe and put the food bag into a plastic container.

  2. Don’t leave the pet food sitting outside for too long While some dogs and cats eat their food immediately, some pets are nipping on it throughout  the day. If your dog or cat is a “slow eater” make sure to not leave the kibble out longer than a day (and if not eaten throw it, never put it back to the food bag). If you feed wet food, never leave it outside for more than two hours, it goes bad quickly. Instead, refrigerate it.

  3. Don’t forget to clean the food bowl To prevent infectious agents such as Salmonella or Listeria from spreading in your pets bowl, clean them at least twice a week if not daily (as actually recommended by the Food and Drug Administration)  with hot water and soap.  If you use a food container, also don’t forget to clean that before adding a new bag of food.

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